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Laziness In Game Design And Trends
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Before I started my Isearch, I had already formed a few opinions on the topic of laziness in game design and the trends going on throughout the industry. Anyone who seriously plays video games can easily feel the decline and come to the same conclusion, a change in the way video game creators operate result in a major change in games. In an attempt to organize my research I divided my thoughts into “The Three Categories of Slothfulness”: Money hunger,…...
History of Games
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The first game that was invented was a diced game and the purpose of it was to pass the people through a grave famine. It was invented in the Kingdom of Lydia by a king named Herodotus. The king decided that one day the people would eat and the second day the people would play games and so forth. The famine lasted for 18 years and they were able to survive; however, for one winter the famine increased and there…...
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