Video Game Addictiveness: Positive and Negative Traits

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Video games have been continuously getting popular since their public release almost fifty years ago. Many adults grew up playing video games and a huge percent of children are currently on that path, What makes these games so attractive? Should we be worried about their addictiveness? What are the good and bad influences of video games? It seems there is always something in the news about video games. Either a record» breaking new release or a controversial game aspect that has parents raving.

It’s like a constant battle between gamers and cynics. And although people try to deny it, video games are important. They act as babysitters, entertainment, and sometimes an escape, Games have become integrated into many people’s daily lives because we have turned into a society where you cannot really thrive without using technology, In such a technically inclined world, the public needs to be aware of the negative and positive capabilities of video games.

My interest was sparked after watching the documentary /afk, which stands for “away from keyboard”, an acronym used by online gamers when they have to attend to something in the real world.

The documentary followed five different gamers and their experience with sitting in front of a computer for over 40 hours a week. Sounds like a pretty boring movie, but it was actually really eye-opening to see real people deal with real issues like relationships with family and friends. I want my research to be like this movie; something that people can relate to and make them look at their own life, I’m sure there are people that don‘t believe you can be addicted to video games, but I definitely think it‘s possible.

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My original question was if addiction is possible, but I have such a strong belief that it is, so I wanted to broaden my research into something that could include video game obsession.

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