Positive And Negative Effects Of Internet

This essay sample on Positive And Negative Effects Of Internet provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

WHY WE CHOOSE THIS TOPIC ? Why do we pick? Because internet is a universal topic to talk about, and internet have a lot of effects that we can describe and can be understood easily by everyone.

We knew that everyone have known the Internet, but many of us are still just using the internet, without knowing its effects and using it unwisely.

So the purpose of this essay which we make are to inform how to use the internet wisely, to threat the negative effects and the positive effects from using the internet, and also to overcome the internet users that using it unwisely. INTERNET NOWADAYS Nowadays,

Whether you’re an average teenager wanting to keep in touch with friends after school, or a business person needing a low cost but effective way to keep work related material local and secret, chances are you use E-Mail or Instant Messaging services.

For communication purposes in this high tech lifestyle that exists today, these systems are used only with the basic understanding needed to run these devices. You are about to learn how these systems came to be and the in depth understanding needed to make them work. There is no limit for us to find any information from all of the world.

The Positive Effects Of The Internet

It is not hard again to communicate one each other from anywhere in the world.

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We almost can get all of the information in the world easily in just for a few minutes. Because the internet is regarded as the largest information base that will give us the information almost completely. We all know that the internet is a very common thing in our lifes. Because the Internet can be very useful for peoples included from the childrens,teenagers, until the adult users. We can see the information from all of the world, just from the internet. The Positive Effects from The Internet

Internet has surely affected the society positively. Now, to get the information has become really easy. Internet search engines (like google, etc. ) are the best media to search something to get some information about it. Before the internet become very common in our life, people who go overseas are really hard to communicate with another who lives in their countries. Now, everybody can access the internet anywhere anytime, so they won’t be panic while they are on duty or in travelling in other country. For the examples are :
• We can put an advertisement about our company to promote something.

For people who just finished their study in university or people who don’t have a job, they can promote them selves on the website, so they can easily get some job to work.
• For students, internet is very useful and helpful. Because when the internet exist in the world, its easier to found something that connected with their homework just by googling (using the google). Before the internet exist , students must to do it by searching from the newspaper or magazines, and it`s take a long time to search about it, but with the internet it just took a few minutes and something that we search will be found. For people who want to search their old friends, it`s easier too, cause when the internet wasn’t exist yet, we have to found our old friends by asking with our friends or someone we can ask, but with many of social network now ( he examples are : facebook, twitter, tumblr, myspace, skype, etc) it is really so easy to find, cause we just need to write their name and the name who mates with it from all over the world will appear and we just need to find ourselves.
• For the youth , we can open our `little` shop by selling something by using the internet.

Many of women interested to sell some clothes, cosmetics, handmade crafts, etc. The men are interested too, they can sell something like cars, and another boy stuff. This job help them learn to be an independent people, so they will have some experience before they have to work for a real. ( by make a Blog or sell it in Kaskus )
• Online games, when we heard about this thing, it is not that bad, because it can refreshing our mind and we can do some socialitation to each other, it will practice our teamwork and hone our brain, (for the examples are : ayodance, o2jam, point blank).

That game needs a concentration , cause without any concentration, we will lose, and it will be our motivation to win , and without us knowing, that motivation teach us to hone our brain.
• INTERNET BANKING , Internet Banking is the distribution channel to provide easy access to the Customer accounts held through the Internet network . It is more Practical, why ? because It can directly conduct banking transaction, includes the world and Without Time Limits. Internet Banking is equipped with security to ensure the security and confidentiality f data transactions that you do. . The Negative Effects from The Internet Even the internet has a lot of positive effects, its also has a lot of negative effects. For the example, there are so many manipulation in a business transaction. That usually make a fake promotion,so it will attract the buyers and pay it ,but without the buyers knowing, they have been manipulated. The examples are : How to use the internet wisely ? Surely we should be able to use the Internet wisely, but sometimes we are often confused to know how to use the internet properly.

Now, these are some way to become Internet users who wisely. Internet often makes us addicted, like the social network and the game online. Actually, it is just an entertainment when we feel bored, of course we can not always feel bored. To overcome it, we can find other more useful activities when feeling bored and did not make the Internet as an escape. And use the Internet to find good information, and use the Internet to broaden our knowledge. And don’t use the internet for things that are less important. THANK YOU

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Positive And Negative Effects Of Internet
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