This Research Examine And Discuss The Effects Of Video Game Violence

In a wide research done on video games, it is common to examine and discuss the effects of video game violence, determining if people are left in high states of aggression. What of individuals interpretations and reactions to video game violence? Particularly, how much do peoples belief and worldviews influence how they perceive this violence and what are the differences between them all? Largely, the interrelationship between these two things is rarely discussed, specifically in regard to religion, which leads to many compelling questions.

Not only what religious people think about video game violence, but also how they might deal with and have experienced online harassment while playing and what video games mean to them in the context of their religion.

This study will pertain to a specific religious group and topic which I chose Christians to be the primary subject with 3 interviewees. While other topics such as video game portrayals of gender, race, sexuality and religion as seen through the eyes of Christians would prove to be interesting and equally worthy avenues to take, violence is one of the more popular topic, which has been and still is a prominent controversy among Christians.

Within the gaming community, Christians have a unfair view and believes it pegs gamers into crude, immature behavior and disconnected to God. However, it is not completely true. While many gamers are derogatory and spew profanity, one Christian gamer says it is way to enjoy the fun of a game and to release anger.

Michael at Wheaton bible in West Chicago is a 23 year old asian male who attends church daily while also playing games in his free time.

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I asked what his thoughts were on violent video games and he told me: “Violence isn’t acceptable but it’s an outlet, it lets the individual develop morals good or bad and they can figure what is deemed wrong or right and what violence can be used for in good intentions.” Growing up for Michael, playing online games helped him connect with people from the outside world but was forced to go to church with his grandma by his parents. He spent all his Sundays for the next 5 years when he moved to Wheaton. At a young age, he understood certain things and currently tells how playing games made him much more involved with the church and is thankful.

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