A Critique of FIFA, a Video Game Series

Games are played throughout the world, however, it is more common in some areas. In my country, our choice of video games is Fifa. These games are made up of several actions. The field, hall, and players can be customized as you like, Fifa games have many great features that can please many audiences. These games are my favorite because they keep me and gain all of my attention. Fifa games should consist of four different ideas. These are having rules, goals, voluntary participation, and feedback system.

The first of these concepts was rules. Rules are needed in games. They are obstacles that make the game difficult. If we do not have rules, the games would be pointless, Fifa games have some rules and they are you cannot touch the ball, you cannot slide on your legs, and you also cannot step backwards or even jump.

These rules make it hard to make goals. The second idea was goals. In Fifa the goal is to literally make goals.

The rules make this difficult and sometimes you press the wrong key as well. Goals are the things we wish to achieve in the games. These are different from game to game. Goals are needed to enjoy the game and become consumed in it. The third idea is voluntary participation. This means that the rules are understood and those who are playing recognize this. Since everyone must learn to play these games initially without this concept, they must learn. If you play against someone who fools around and doesn’t play the games correctly, you will easily win and this will be no challenge.

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The last idea is feedback system. Feedback is gaining insight on results. In games, points, are generally feedback. Although, these also vary from person to person. Feedback in Fifa tells you how many goals you made and how many you lost, This way you can know what you should work on. In conclusion, Fifa is a perfect game because it matches these concepts, Fifa has so many features and very high-tech digital images. This game is most likely one of the most realistic I have seen. I am an avid gamer and I will always be. Games like Fifa are not violent like many others are

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