Many People Like Video Game

The first stock i purchased when we started this project was footlocker (FL), foot locker is a company that sells athletic footwear and it’s also an apparel retailer, i bought 25 shares of (FL). i chose the stock because it’s one of my favorite stores to shop at. The second stock i purchased was american airlines(AAL) , this is a company that provides scheduled air transportation to passengers and cargo, i acquired 40 shares of this company because the holidays were approaching and i knew there would be a lot of people traveling.

The third stock i invested in was ford motors (F), its a company that sells automobiles and commercial vehicles, i invested in 78 shares of this because i have an interest in cars and want to be a proud owner of a ford mustang one day.

The fourth stock i bought was best buy (BBY), this company provides technology products, services, and solutions. I purchased 25 shares because we are in a technological age and it revolves around everything we do.

last but not least i invested in gamestop (GME), this is a video game retailer, that offers electronic products, and, video game accessories.i also purchased 20 shares of gamestop because a lot of people are enjoy video games and the holidays are the time people buy them the most. The last stock i inquired was netflix (NFLX), the main reason i bought a share of netflix is because i didn’t have enough money to buy more than one.

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but i also bought this because it provides service streaming of movies and television episodes that i enjoy almost every day.

I didn’t really have a method in buying the stocks , i just bought whatever i thought would make me the most money. During the time i owned these stocks i noticed that, they could raise or drop at any time of the day.based on what i know now, i would have bought the stocks differently because what i bought didn’t make me that much money. Purchasing stocks and bonds aren’t the only way to save for retirement,in fact if you are going to do this, i advise you to do some research first. In Fact there are many other ways, like opening an IRA, or a 401k. After completing in this game i will not be investing in stocks in the future because they could drop at any given moment.

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