Video Game Danger Research Proposal

Video games are the games played with the help of a personal computer, laptop, console, smart phone, etc. Due to the development of computers the means of entertainment have increased to a serious level. Nowadays video games are probably the most widespread types of entertainment for children, young people and even grownups. The modern video games differ from the ones which were created ten years ago, because the visual effects and opportunities are much higher and the picture resembles a high quality movie or scenes from the real life.

Research Proposal On Video Games And Aggression

The development of video games is not only the indicator of the success of the engineer’s thought, but also the source of danger, especially for children. Alongside with the time spent on entertainment and joy children face numerous problems while playing video games. The first problem is the influence on the child’s health.

The human eyesight is seriously damaged because of the constant concentration on the events which take place in the game.

Very often children spend more than six hours a day and this impact is harmful. Video games are like drugs, because it is difficult to give them up. The child spends the majority of his time on games and fails to do his homework, spend time with friends and go out. The student’s education, health, social life is damaged because of the disability to manage his time and resist the attractiveness of the game. It is a serious problem that young people treat the digital world more beautiful and interesting than the real one, so parents have to help their children manage their time, activities and make their everyday life more interesting.

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Video games can be called the source of entertainment which has conquered the hearts of millions people. The popularity of video games made them the separate kind of sports and there are competitions which are held all over the world. The student is able to research the topic about video games in detail and evaluate their impact on the human life. The proposal is expected to contain information about the purpose of writing, the challenges of the research, the methodology of writing and the thought-provoking issues related with the major problem of video games.

In order to succeed in research proposal writing, the student is supposed to possess the deepest knowledge about the matter and the rules of writing. With the quality and reliable advice of the Internet the student is able to find a free example research paper on video games and aggression and see how to compose the assignment well. It is not easy to make the right structure for the paper, so one should look through a free sample research proposal on video game violence and catch the appropriate manner of the composition of the text.

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