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Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Tundra Abiotic Factors: Exploring the Frozen Marvels
Words • 568
Pages • 3
The tundra, with its icy landscapes and unforgiving climate, holds a mystique that has captivated explorers and scientists alike for centuries. Nestled at the Earth's highest latitudes, this vast biome is characterized by unique abiotic factors that shape its ecosystems and challenge the resilience of its inhabitants. In this article, we embark on a journey through the frozen marvels of the tundra, unveiling the enigmatic abiotic factors that govern its existence.Extreme Temperatures: The Chilling EmbraceAt the heart of the tundra's…...
The Disease Hemophilia in the Medical Research
Words • 461
Pages • 2
Hemophilia is a genetically inherited disease that causes blood to be unable to properly clot. The gene disorder is due to an error in the encoding of a certain gene. The gene that is mutated is, usually, located on the X chromosome, which makes the disease sex-linked. Due to the fact that the mutation occurs on the X chromosome, hemophilia is inherited to males (Scrum). Men do not possess the factor VIII that is required to clot blood, which means…...
DiseaseHealthMedical ResearchMedicine
The Strengths and Weaknesses of Common Studies Techniques in Medical Research
Words • 1675
Pages • 7
Medical research is conducted using a variety of approaches and techniques for which studies and experiments are executed. Each approach has its own purpose along with some unique, and common, strengths and weaknesses which include benefits and risks for the medical field and for patients. Four common studies techniques will be identified in this paper to assess the strength and weaknesses of each, asses the retrospective or prospective properties of each, and an evaluation of six research article abstracts to…...
Health CareMedical ResearchMedicineResearch
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Advantages of Reducing Animal Testing in Medical Research
Words • 1620
Pages • 7
Animal Experimentation has been a very common and natural practice since 2nd century BC, the testing and experimentation of animals has usually been able to find cures for both humans and animals. Scientists and researchers have been able to “study [various] genetic disorders” in models that share relatively high percentages of DNA with humans such as: “mouse models which [share] 94%", “chimpanzees share 987%", “zebrafish share 75-80%”, and even “bananas share 50%” (Medical Research). These models are usually able to…...
Animal TestingMedical ResearchMedicineResearch
The Medical Research Requirements for Carrying Out Experiments on Humans
Words • 805
Pages • 4
Medical research involving human beings is necessary for elucidation of the physiological or pathological processes in health and disease, ascertaining the response to particular interventions by individuals whether ill or healthy, and determining the effect of preventive and therapeutic measures in communities. The process of carrying out human experimentation has very strict rules and regulations with regards to whether the new treatment is likely to bring better benefits to the patient. In the recent past, there has been an unprecedented…...
AutonomyExperimentMedical ResearchMedicine
Anesthesia, Medical Research and Electronic Medical Records
Words • 462
Pages • 2
Over the past couple of years, there has been an amazing improvement in our healthcare system. As the research and development in the introduction to technologies in the medical field increased, it gave abilities to our doctors to serve us, as patients in a productive and more accurate way. In the modern world, technology plays a big role in our lives, as well as in healthcare. If we were to compare medical care today verses last 10 to 15 years,…...
Medical ResearchMedicinePatientSurgery
The Tests People Must Take When Looking For Employment
Words • 1266
Pages • 6
When looking for employment, people are often required to take a number of tests, whose results are used by employers to select the most suitable candidate. However, applicants do not always perform as well as they could during the selection process, which may lead to potential «<false negative» considerations. That is why professional associations have been encouraging policymakers to introduce adequate retesting policies. Previous research has demonstrated that when a firm gives unsuccessful candidates the opportunity to re-take previously failed…...
A Reflection on My Writing, Reading, Reflecting and Research Skills
Words • 1677
Pages • 7
Reading is really important, whether its on the highway finding where to go, or reading the back of a label to inquire if it's a can of rat poison or black olives. Writing is equally as important for expressing ideas and communication and if your skilled enough, like I believe I am, making a career out of it. Reflection comes after writing and is all about going over the writing and making it perfect; or at least striving to, because…...
BooksDiscourse CommunityResearch
A Journey to Pursue My Passion in Nutrition at UPenn
Words • 606
Pages • 3
McDonald's Happy Meals and Lay's Potato Chips left me wheezing like my cancer-stricken grandfather. Cheerios and Trix yogurt caused swarms of hives to erupt all over my body. Frustrated and confused, I felt destined to suffer like Tantalus, perpetually stuck so close yet so far from sapid satisfaction. During my childhood, I spent more time reading nutrition labels than I did reading Magic Tree House books. My most-prized possession wasn't my Pokémon card collection; it was my nebulizer. While my…...
A Personal Mission to Alert Society on Dangerous Foods
Words • 441
Pages • 2
I would start by doing a general internet search about the food item I heard was potentially dangerous. While doing the search I would first look at any recent news articles related to the food to determine if it was potentially dangerous, and I would make sure those news articles were reliable, I would also look to see what research or experiments were done to determine that the food was dangerous. Next I would look to see what other articles…...
Unjust Death Penalty Genre
Words • 592
Pages • 3
This article appeared in a corporation based journal titled Springer: Science and Business. Although little information was present on the background information of this business. It is presumed that CrossMark also has affiliation with this research. Although, a single author was presented-Oliver, she utilized prior information from several sources. Research indicated throughout these observations that the death penalty utilized within the United States is not as painless and humane as one may believe. Through Oliver’s words, audiences realize the reality…...
Factors influencing nurse abuse in hospitals
Words • 957
Pages • 4
Data analysis in this scenario entailed analysis of descriptive data, and the process was executed using using SPSS Statistics software, Correlation between dependent and independent varibles was performed using t-test and differences between the factors associated with nurses’ exposure to various forms of abuse was done using logistic regression analysis method. In summary, appropriate data analysis techniques were utilized and the result findings represted a true indication of the nursing issue at hand, Findings Upon data analysis, the findings established…...
Data AnalysisResearchViolence
CSR and Int’l Joint Ventures
Words • 1376
Pages • 6
This article aims at investigating organizational characteristics. It then develops a framework that relates to CSR practices of ”VS, It uses a regression analysis to produce a framework that facilitates a better understanding and identification of aspects that power CSR in local markets. The research findings indicate that consumers, competitors, and NGOs are the main people who determine responsible behaviors. The findings also indicate that there are considerate differences in line with CSR that is related to formative characteristics of…...
HypothesisRegression AnalysisResearch
Astrazeneca Has Gone Too Far
Words • 1065
Pages • 5
AstraZeneca is a global bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses in break through science discoveries. They are located in the UK, Sweden, as well as in multiple different states in the US including: Delaware, Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts, and California. As a company they believe that the treatment for many diseases lies in uncovering mechanisms that are new to all or not yet discovered. Research in breakthorugh science is the best way to help patients and find results through medication and specific therapies.…...
Product LiabilityResearch
Buddhism in Kosambi and the Concept of Agati in Buddhist Perspective
Words • 1698
Pages • 7
Introduction Background and Significance of the Problems 'History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future. According to the saying of Robert Penn Warren, it cannot be deniable that studying history of country or religion can make people understand the good and bad beneficiaries of history concerned and they are managed to construct their lives better for…...
Website Service Quality Towards Consumer Satisfaction
Words • 2492
Pages • 10
ABSTRACT This research is motivated by rapid technological developments to create business opportunities through technology increasingly. The website becomes important as platforms deliver information to users in a wide range of information about a company (company profile) until the customer service. One current trend is a provider of transportation services online. Grab as one based transportation services provider online service accessible websites for consumers to support services offered to costumers. This study aims to determine the quality of the website…...
Consumer SatisfactionResearchWebsite
Attachment-Oriented Research In People With Internet Addiction
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
Purpose. What is the research question(s)? (What are they trying to discover?)This is a study of attachment-oriented research in people with internet addiction. The question that this research brings is: whether attachment orientation is a risk factor for addictive behavior. To test this hypothesis, an empirical study was conducted aimed at analyzing the role of the caregiver’s emotional responsiveness in the development of addictive internet behavior.What are the hypotheses? (What do they expect the outcomes to be?)According to the hypothesis,…...
Internet AddictionResearch
Phosphate concentration in Shoewalter Fountain water by spectrophotometry
Words • 1379
Pages • 6
Phosphate is a major contributor to the environmental balance in marine ecosystems. If there is too much phosphate in water, algae can use the excess as a nutrient and grow at uncontrollable rates. This uncontrollable growth is called eutrophication which results in severely depleted oxygen levels in the water. These low levels of oxygen cause fish and other marine animals to die from lack of oxygen1. In the Gulf of Mexico, run-off from a variety of sources including fertilizer has…...
Environmental ChemistryResearch
Research On Ways To Enter International Business
Words • 809
Pages • 4
There is a perpetual question asked in reviews of entry mode literature, however, of whether or not entry mode studies continue to contribute new and meaningful ideas to the field of international business. It is argued in Shaver (2013) that entry mode studies are becoming more and more narrow and, though this leads to specificity, it removes the chance for entry mode studies to make a more meaningful and impactful contribution to international business literature. And so, the question of…...
International BusinessResearchTheory
Demonstration of Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Words • 863
Pages • 4
Mentor Meetings My mentor meetings were face-to-face and this enabled me to calmly discuss the ideas and issues I had with my mentor. Speaking to my mentor, I identified that I had a weakness in expressing ideas. I could have the points in my mind but finding the exact words to communicate them to my mentor in a way that she could understand was hard. I made an effort to use suitable language which would express my thoughts in a…...
Relationship Between Musical Ability and Scientific Achievement
Words • 1066
Pages • 5
This examination tries to comprehend the relationship that lies between musical aptitude and scholarly accomplishment. This relationship is fundamental in discovering approaches to use music direction that upgrade reading and mathematical accomplishments of students. 6 Lit Review Background of the problem There is a base measure of proof that has been introduced to show a connection between both musical aptitude and the mathematical and reading segments of STAAR Previous research has shown that music is subjective and needs proof that…...
AccomplishmentQuantitative ResearchResearch
E-Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic:
Words • 658
Pages • 3
The aim of this research paper is to find out students perceptions regarding E-learning during COVID-19 pandemic. The research helpful to know the student’s perceptions related to advance technology of E- leaning and various online platforms of learning. The research data was collected through structured questionnaire. Almost 50 respondents gave opinion about E- learning. The result of research indicates that majority of students prefer E- learning & zoom platform for online learning. INTRODUCTION: E-LEARNING E-learning is use of various technologies…...
LearningLearning StylesResearch
Research to Achieve Her Personal Interests
Words • 533
Pages • 3
Dear Sir or Madam: I can only offer the highest recommendation for Racha Cherradi to support her application for admission to your University. Racha has a deep passion for science and is one of the few exceptionally brilliant interns that I have encountered in my career as a Radiologist and Professor. During the summer of 2018, Racha was actively seeking new opportunities that support her love for science. Her vacation to Morocco became an exploration for pursuing her personal interests.…...
Plagiarism Among Undergraduate Students
Words • 1217
Pages • 5
In the following area of journal article Goh (2013) reviews on a study done on plagiarism behavior among undergraduate students in the hospitality and tourism education. Through the study the writer analysers (finds out) types of plagiarism, motivations of behind plagiarism, detection software such as turnitin, activities detected, practical implications. The research was done using 369 undergraduate students completing the bachelors of business program of which 60% international and 40% domestic students while this took place at the blue mountain…...
Controversy Over The Ethics of Experimental Research
Words • 1348
Pages • 6
In the ever-progressing scientific age, controversy has arisen surrounding the ethics of experimental research and whether it should be considered acceptable in today’s world. From beginning to end, Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood questions current scientific research and the ethics, if any, implored behind them. The novel takes place in a dystopia that seems to be in the near future through the eyes of the main character Jimmy, or Snowman, which he is named after the apocalypse-like plague. Atwood…...
Oryx And CrakeResearchSociety
“The External Research Funding”
Words • 669
Pages • 3
Kehm also mentions how the institutions are underfunded and do seek other sources of financial aid, such as “external research funding” and that the academic staff experiences competition to seek out these additional funds. However, Lehm also writes that at least 80 percent of each institution’s budgetary needs are met by funding received from their respective state, so any pressure on the staff to obtain additional funding appears to only be for a small fraction of the overall budget. Support…...
Higher EducationHillary ClintonResearch
A Critical Study of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar and Environmental Ethics
Words • 3295
Pages • 14
Introduction Background and Significance of the Problems The existence and development of human world as well as the historical process of man and woman is mainly created by the public who are working with endeavor. So, the principle of human history is the people who are working. It is interesting to say that the konbaung dynasty is one of the most famous dynasty in myanmar and it was founded by alongphayr who is a village chief in 1752 to challenge…...
BuddhismEnvironmental EthicsResearch
Annotated Bibliography: Doctoral Identity
Words • 1133
Pages • 5
Few investigations have been conducted to analyze the transition doctoral students make from being dependent to being autonomous. This study was conducted to determine the role of relationships in the process of becoming an autonomous doctoral student focuses is categorized into three themes: advice and support, student identity development, and academic identity development. Thirty-one business and higher education students participated in the study. Participants in the study were working towards completion of stage two of their doctoral journey or had…...
Secrets of the Human Brain: Amnesia
Words • 754
Pages • 4
After reading Patient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness, and Family Secrets and attending his talk during the discussion section, I was extremely intrigued by Luke Dittrich’s vast expertise and keen storytelling ability. Before reading, I did not know who Henry Molaison was, much less about his crucial contributions to the field of neuroscience, and Dittrich publicized a story that deserved to be told. Since I am a massive history nerd, one part of the book I enjoyed was Molaison’s…...
Amnesia: How the Brain and Memory Function
Words • 625
Pages • 3
The purpose of the current experiment was to reveal whether the priming of a stimulus prior to the administration of an implicit memory test would or would not yield faster response times when compared to simple conditions. We originally hypothesized that there would be a significant effect of primed conditions’ response times. The final results collected from the experiment did indeed support this hypothesis as significant results were produced in primed conditions on the implicit memory test. These findings are…...
Research v. Media The Science of Food Nostalgia
Words • 1041
Pages • 5
Comfort food can be a necessity at times especially when you do not have family or friends around to talk everything out with or give you a hug of assurance. Food becomes the next option to bring you a sense of peace because it has become associated with positive memories. Two articles that will be evaluated will be a media article called 'The Science of Food Nostalgia' written by Alexandra Sifferlin and a research article titled 'Threatened Belonging and Preference…...
Publication Cultural Continuity of African Cultures
Words • 1136
Pages • 5
During my first semester at City College, on my way to school, I was approached by a middle-aged African-American man who was selling his books on ancient Black civilizations on the sidewalk. I was not interested in buying a book, but I stayed around to talk with him. We spoke about the Caribbean and its many connections to Africa. He was particularly interested in Africanisms – the cultural continuities of African cultures in the Black diaspora. In the midst of…...
Dominican RepublicEthnic IdentityIdentityResearch
Publication Random Research Experiment
Words • 535
Pages • 3
In Japan, a research experiment took place at random with a large variety of people in different age groups in order to gather a feel of the general opinion regarding IVF. The overall results of those that accepted the idea of embryonic transfer were 36.2% who were in support, 26.6% that disagreed, and 37.3% that were 'indecisive'. In Regards to surrogacy and IVF practices they also found that over 50% of their participants agreed with the practice, but in the…...
A Comprehensive Analysis of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Words • 3725
Pages • 15
A White House Conference was convened to discuss the growing problem on drugs and alcohol trafficking that was taking place and the concerns that the nation had on it. Although there was an ongoing problem with narcotics and they were trying to get the opiate dependant under control the methods of medical treatment were seemingly becoming experiment. During the 1960s the term “dangerous drug” was referred to as the three classes of nonnarcotic drugs that are habit forming or have…...
AddictionAlcohol AddictionResearch
Collaboration of Artists With Expensive and Not Expensive Brands
Words • 1315
Pages • 6
There is also an issue of same artists collaborating with both high-end and low-end brands such as Jeff Koons who collaborated with both Louis Vuitton and H&M, and Brooklyn illustrator Hugo Guinness collaborated with Coach and J.Crew (Fashionista, 2014). This creates a question in the minds of luxury consumers who prefer something unique, rare, and unreachable. Star brands make it easy for lower luxury brands and masstige brands to emulate their technique. For instance, Louis Vuitton’s masters’ collection using old…...
Cultural Meaning of Aging Among Puerto Ricans 
Words • 763
Pages • 4
Aging is often met with reservations as this entails dependence and lack of agency. The degree of family ties also affects the perception of aging with countries having lesser family bond such as United States preferring to send the elderly to healthcare institutions such as nursing homes. The qualitative study of Todorova and colleagues involving Puerto Rican old adults illustrates that economic, political, and cultural factors affect the perception of aging. The study investigated the lived experience and the meaning…...
HealthPuerto RicoQualitative Research
How American Theaters Influenced Anime Screenings
Words • 2917
Pages • 12
Introduction There is a problem with determining the root cause behind why the number of U.S. theater and cinema sites are declining (NATO, 2018). Despite the pervading theory that expensive ticket costs generally dissuade people from attending theaters and cinemas, the introduction and popularity of video streaming programs has been offered as one explanation contributing to the decline of U.S. cinema sites. For instance, according to a report from PWC, in 2019, video streaming services - such as Netflix and…...
Animal Rights vs Medical Research
Words • 961
Pages • 4
There are many reasons why we have to test cures on animals before we use them on people. One reason why we have to is, it’s safer than immediately testing the cures on people. A different reason is that scientist don’t understand human biology and they don’t want to risk anyone dying. There are many differences between animal rights and medical research, many animal rights activist believe animals shouldn’t be tested on even if it’s to cure disease. We use…...
Animal RightsMedical Research
Malpractice Claims Patient Safety Violations
Words • 810
Pages • 4
Describe how your proposal aligns with the Foundation's stated purpose. Malpractice lawsuits occur because of a breakdown in patient safety, resulting in injury to the patient, a loss of trust between the patient and provider, diminished professional reputation for the facility and billion-dollar payments charged to hospital systems and their insurance providers. Our proposal, sponsored by the Network Performance Group within Montefiore Medical Center, aims to addresses the significant challenges of patient safety within a large academic urban hospital. It…...
Medical MalpracticePatientResearch
Malpractice Assignment On Research
Words • 624
Pages • 3
Michelle Guardado The College of Health Care Professions. Medical malpractice suits happen when Health care professionals cause the death of a patient, are negligent or causes the patient an injury. In a medical malpractice lawsuit, the doctor or physician knew that there was an error and failed to use proper standards of care. Usually, they’re not done purposely by the health care workers, but they know they could’ve been prevented. Even though they shouldn’t be medical malpractice suits are very…...
Medical MalpracticeResearch
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The Tests People Must Take When Looking For Employment
...Their findings revealed that women and younger applicants tend to perform better upon retesting than men and older candidates; this raises questions about the fairness of retesting, as it is obvious that while retesting opportunities benefit certain ...
Amnesia: How the Brain and Memory Function
...Although studies on the vast aspects of memory have remained prominent among research institutions, research has fallen short on sufficiently replicating data using priming; these findings may seem contradicting when analyzing the current data. There...
How American Theaters Influenced Anime Screenings
...For my pilot study, I surveyed 48 moviegoers who watched the movie The Grinch at the movie theater at Downtown Summerlin mall and interviewed a film critic associated with the Las Vegas Film Critic Society through email. My quantitative data will be ...
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