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Elizabeth Cohn Villa Latte With Skim Milk USS Callister is episode 1 of season 4 on the Netflix series ‘Black Mirror. This particular show is mind bottling both metaphorically and literally in the sense that each character is a digital copy of there human ‘real world’ self. This episode stands out more than the others due to its intense storyline and plot. Every Black Mirror episode is different, though some have the same actors. The actors in this episode portray such convincing roles that play a key part in the development of the story.

Initially, I thought the episode would be a cheesy knock-off of star trek or even star wars because the beginning scene shows them on the USS Callister ship.

They are dressed almost identical to the way Star Trek characters are dressed; with there space outfits full body and only a few different colors. The ship where the scene takes place looks very similar to that of Star Trek’s in regard to the shape, technology, color, and overall appearance.

The ship is one of a fleet and isn’t where the whole story takes place. Shortly after the opening scene, the creator of the show gives background information about the characters that were just shown. When someone first watches the intro naturally they’d try to piece information together as to how this episode will play out. That is when the juicy information is given and provides the first twist in the plot. Viewers have now been shaken and the episode binge watch will commence.

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The characters were first presented as strong spaceship crew members.

The cruel reality of being a virtual copy with the same intellect as the real world original human being is sickening. The writers give a god complex to the captain who is also the Antagonist. The seemingly yet not so innocent character, Robert Daly who is an evil genius with a sick interest. He doesn’t just work for a video game company he is a top executive who is the engine behind it. He turns fantasy into reality on a virtual yet intellectual scale. He imagined having specific co-workers to be in his virtual ship called the USS Callister. It is truly mind-blowing to find out that captain Daly. gets played by his virtual crew members. When everything seems to be bulletproof he still faces betrayal when he slips up. Putting down his guard for just minutes at a time solidified his defeat.

The biggest mistake was boarding the new intern to his virtual world. She plays such a convincing role as the hero who truly knows herself enough to play on her weaknesses and make her ‘real world’ self, help sabotage Robert Daly. She accepted her own dirty laundry secrets and used them to blackmail herself which in turn proved to be enough to conquer Daly. That doesn’t necessarily mean no girl can be trusted because of there beauty manipulation but does suggest you shouldn’t back a cat up against a wall. The outcome might just be grave for oneself in such a situation. Another sick anecdote from the show was Walton, the CEO of the company who from the beginning came off as the villain. Though he did deny Daly the satisfaction of receiving credit as such an important person in regards to the video game company. Nonetheless right when you think the nerdy guy deserves pity his sick hobby comes to light.

Walton tells the crew members of the time he watched his son fly out in space and die all because Daly wanted to prove a point. Daly obtained Walton’s son DNA from a lollipop and uses it as leverage to keep Walton and the rest of the crew in line. Leverage is evil, especially how Captain Daly uses it to control everyone aboard the USS Callister. When the tables turn the show becomes satisfying to watch his fantasy come to an end. In closing the crew manages to go through the time warp before Daly can; which ultimately traps him in space. The infinity program which is the virtual world for the office staff is updated and Daly is forever lost in nothingness. He becomes stuck behind a firewall that seals his fate. The crew flies off into space happy as can be knowing the madness is over.

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