Sound Effects in Video Game

In the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the world the genre shows an action/romance/comedy combo with a unique twist and extraordinary obstacles one young man must overcome to pursue a relationship with the love of his life. While doing all this Scott is trying to navigate his existence and figure out who he is. Scott is struggling to move on after a break up that left him devastated and he has a hard time accepting his ex-girlfriend’s success with her own band.

Mainly out of jealously because Scott Pilgrim plays in a band with his friends aspiring to be successful like his ex-girlfriend. He started dating a girl that was still in high school named Knives Chau that is five years younger than him, but soon everything changes when he comes across Ramona Flowers. He is mesmerized and he cannot stop questioning everyone about Ramona Flowers.

First, he goes around questioning each person who knows her. Then he attends a he knows Ramona will be attending with high hopes of seeing her.

He starts to act childish and follows her around looking for any reason to speak with her. Finally he builds up the courage to speak with Ramona but it ends quickly. Scott knows she delivers packages for work and decides to order something offline. Once he is able to see Ramona again and convince her to hang out with him they start to really hit it off. Things start to heat up between them but Scott still has a girlfriend.

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He tries dating two woman at once because he struggles with breaking up with Knives. Scott soon finds it impossible to do so and he finally dumps Knives for Ramona. Leaving Knives with a broken heart and anger for revenge. Scott had no idea of the baggage Ramona came with and the nightmare of ex’s all waiting for Scott now that he was dating Ramona. Eventually, Scott learns that if he wants to continue dating Ramona then he must defeat each of her seven evil ex’s with a battle to the death in order to win Ramona. Scott agrees to take on the challenge to win over the love of his life while dealing with his ex’s getting in the way.

Non-diegetic Sound: Sound whose source is neither visible on the screen nor has been implied to be present in the action like narrator’s commentary, sound effects which is added for the dramatic effect, and mood music. An example of non-diegetic is throughout the movie when sound effects are being displayed in a fight with video game combo moves and words popping up like “WHIP”, “KPOK”, and “KROWWW”. Another example is in the beginning of the movie when you can hear the music on the Gameboy that is being played. Then there is the video game voice-over narration throughout the entire movie. Some dramatic effects are in the scene when he is fighting Matthew Patel and flames of fire are shooting everywhere, they have the combo video-game fighting moves with sound and they are both flying in the air. For the mood music: you could always tell when an evil ex was going to appear because the music would change to a video game verse and a fight would break out.

The first, ex decides to come home and perform a concert with her band. The second, ex Knives decides to transform herself into a verse of Ramona hoping to win back Scott. Scott manages to get past all of these distractions and beats all of Ramona’s ex’s. Continuity: the state of continuing for a period of time, without problems, interruptions, or changes. An example of continuity is the text intros and the video game voice-over narration throughout the entire movie. It’s for only the audience to see and hear not the characters in the movie. It’s seamless and not distracting but helps assist the watcher in understanding the movie. Another example, the sound of the tokens being earned during the fights with the ex’s. The last example is that Scott’s feelings never change for Ramona and he remains in love with her throughout the movie.

Scott Pilgrim towards the end of the movie has mixed emotions but knows there is only one woman he wants. He overcomes every challenge tossed his way of getting between him and Ramona, but never losing an ounce of love for the woman of his dreams. This journey was full of many complications but he knew it would be worth it in the end. He had once last fight, to defeat the man who would always have control over Ramona as long as he lived. Scott knew she would be set free as long as he conquered this last battle. Which he did, by becoming mega Scott and finding the power within himself and the help of his friends with the determination of releasing the love of his life. Love is what kept Scott going throughout the entire movie.

Diegetic Sound: sound whose source is visible on the screen or whose source is implied to be present by the action of the film: voices of characters, made by objects in the story, and music represented as coming from instruments in the story space. First example, is when Scott thinks out loud or in his head to himself. You can hear everything he is saying like when he was thinking about what to say to Ramona when first meeting her at the party. The second example, is you can hear all of the instruments (drums and guitar) and voices of the singers like at the battle of the bands. Third example, you can hear/see some of the lyrics when Scott and his band perform in front of Knives for the first time. The last example I will provide is the token noise that is heard every time Scott fights an ex and earns points.

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