Which Video Game System is The Only One

Since the late 1970’s video games have always been there to entertain us (PCMag). Video game companies have been on the rise to determine which video game system was the was the one to own. As technology evolves and changes older systems are being replaced and new innovations are on the rise. In 2013 the console war was when it really grabbed attention and started to come to life. PlayStation 4 is there when I want it. For other gamers, it has been an Xbox one.

Using these systems as a young adult as always provided me with a happy and relaxing feeling. It takes the edge of a challenging day and provides an opportunity to get together online with fellow gamers. Through extensive research, all empirical evidence leads to my claim that the PlayStation four is the superior system to own. Although Xbox one is overwhelmingly more popular than PlayStation 4, I am of the opinion that the PlayStation 4 is the gaming product to have these days.

The two consoles I will be taking a look is the PlayStation 4 slim and the Xbox one S. First, we need to know what the hardware specifications tell us to get a sense of how powerful these machines are. PlayStation is a company created by Sony Interactive Entertainment and has always been there to produce the latest and greatest system they can possibly make. They want their gamers to have the finest experience when purchasing their products. In the computer world, you are always going to have the brains of the machine that gets the system up and running.

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Every time you turn your system on the processor or otherwise known as the central processing unit comes to life. It comes with an AMD Jaguar eight-core x86 CPU and eight gigabytes of GDDR5 ram. In these newer consoles, you will always have the option to choose what hard drive space you want it to come loaded with. Older models shipped with a five hundred gigabyte hard drive but in today’s world, you can find ones with a terabyte worth of space. The price of the PlayStation 4 slim is three hundred dollars for the one terabyte.

PlayStation has there storage set very clearly. Every time you want to upgrade the amount of space you have all you have to do is buy a new hard drive and replace it with your new one. On the other hand, xbox set you with using external hard drives which making loading games off of it way faster than swapping a new hard drive everytime on the PlayStation 4. This brings us to the online connectivity. Without a doubt, you are going to be spending some money on these consoles so take into consideration that you will be spending, even more, to get their extra features. On the PlayStation side, you have what is known as the PlayStation network. It is a subscription-based service that allows you to connect online and interact with your friends from around the world. Without it, you would not be able to play these multiplayer games. The subscription comes in a three month or a one-year membership. Once you have access to it you are now known as a PlayStation Plus member.

This offer provides with discounts to all of PlayStation games that are offered in the store. Access to free games every month and exclusive discounts to your favorite video games at an affordable price. That is where Xbox has it differently. Now jumping on to the Xbox side for a moment, it was created by Microsoft and is the other system that is being talked about in this competitive marketplace. Xbox provides with the capability to play there older games that you own on there latest system. This is known as backwards compatibility and allows you to enjoy all of your previously owned games from your Xbox 360 without having to invest in a new game. Xbox as well has a similar service were you can connect to friends from around the world to play online multiplayer. They call it xbox live gold and once you have signed up you now have access to a ton of great games at affordable prices. Similar to playstation where you have to pay a subscription fee to play online, xbox has you paying 60 dollars for a 12 month, 25 for a 3 month, and 40 dollars for a 6 month membership.

Once you have a membership you get entrance to their expanding library of games. On both consoles everytime you download a free game you gain access to that game for as long as your subscription last for. Then it locks you out of the game and does not grant you the permission to play the game until you repurchase their online services. These companies want you to keep paying for there services to enjoy there content they have to offer. Although the PlayStation 4 is roughly 23 percent more expensive than xbox one, I believe the money is well spent (Decluttr Blog). I have always had the feeling that xbox is one step behind PlayStation. They always like to roll out their products to the public first. Microsoft has targeted there xbox to be all about entertertainment use. From the fact that you can hook your cable tv to your xbox is a big win. Being able to switch from your tv to your game instantly is a huge advantage. Having the option to use voice command or simply with a press of a button on the controller is far more user friendly than having to turn of the xbox and then the cable tv.

Sony started things of right from the beginning with there dualshock 4 controller that comes in a slick shiny design. On the controller you have the button layouts and a touchpad. The touchpad in the center of the controller can be used as an additional button that you interact with within these games. Xbox does not have a touchpad that creates the dualshock 4 controller more futuristic looking. PlayStation has an internal battery that must be charged up everytime you want to use it. The options you are going to have is to plug the controller in through the charging cable or wait for the controller to completely charge up. Either way it becomes a hassle because the battery life is not really that long on the controller creating less to receive quality game time. Xbox on the other hand have been using AA batteries as their method of charging the controller. Which makes it very convenient and easy to use when you are running low on juice.

Just grab some regular or rechargeable double AA batteries and your set to resume the game you were just playing. I have been using PlayStation for as long as I can remember and the experience has always left me with a more pleasant experience than Xbox. PlayStation has been alway made their user interface very smooth and easily accessible to navigate. From scrolling left to right and navigating through the menus PlayStation takes the win here. Xbox has more variety on there entertainment side such as streaming, movies with netflix or hulu. What both systems succeed at being able to do is broadcast your gameplay online for the world to see. They let you stream to your favorite platforms such as Twitch and Youtube right directly from your tv in an instant. With this feature it allows you to connect more with your friends from across the world. Playstation 4 offers your games that you previously owned on your older systems in what they call a remastered title. What they do is every year or so they enjoy bringing the past into the future with their video games.

They call this remastering a video game and is the use of taking older video games with lower performance in its resolution and enhancing its graphics to meet with its standards today. It is for previously released games and improve it so it can run smoother for newer generations of devices. Both consoles are in its eighth-generation life cycle. Buying these games these days has never been easier than before. You can either purchase then physically on a disc version or digitally download them. The disadvantage of physical copy of the game is that your storage collection is going to stack up pretty fast every time you decide to buy a new game. You are going to need to go to the store or purchase it online which can take some time to deliver. That’s why digitally downloading the game from your system becomes instant and quickly accessible without having to leave your house. In conclusion, there will always be a heated debate on which video game console is the superior one to invest in. Whether you appreciate PlayStation for there exclusive titles or Xbox for their immense library of playable classic games. In the end it is about getting together with friends and enjoying the system that best suits your gaming preferences. Nevertheless Sony

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