My Positive and Negative Traits

To start with, one of my positive traits is being God-fearing. What I mean on this is that at all times I keep in mind that every action I do must be according to His will. Whether I do simple chores at home, or different works at school, I always make it to the point that I do all of these things with sincerity and honesty as God wants us to do. Another positive trait of mine is being family-oriented. Yes, I consider this as a positive one for I see my family as my source of motivation as I continue my path to be a successful person someday.

Up to the present time, I am giving my all to finish my studies. I am now in my final year in college and hopefully sooner or later I’ll be able to get a decent job and yield my family the fruits of their hard work in providing me a better future.

Then, I am a team player. One instance that can emphasize this is the time when we’re having our group project. We’re composed of different people, each with contrasting personalities compared to mine. What I did is I composed myself and focused on our goal, which is to finish the project. I also adapt myself and blend in to my group mates for us to have a good connection to one another. I am also a trustworthy friend. I’m the type of person that you can tell secrets to and never worry that I’ll share it to others.

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I have friends that I treat as my own, my best friends since high school. Until today the bond is still strong despite having our own schedules. We’re still connected, and whenever one of us has problems, the others are more than willing to lend a hand. Finally, having strong dedication and commitment to a specific goal is included in my positive traits. When I set my mind on something that I want to accomplish, I’ll do everything that I can in order to do so.

For my negative traits, first thing is that sometimes I have a bad temper. This usually happens when I already had a bad day at school and then eventually I’ll be scolded…

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My Positive and Negative Traits
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