The Positive and Negative Impacts of Gaming

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There are many kinds of opinions regarding gaming (casinos) in the border towns surrounding the Navajo reservation. Some good direct and indirect sentiments are that they create employment for Native people, they help contribute to the improvement of local communities, and elevate economic development. In the opposition, there are strong views that casinos are bad, if a person is not responsible while gambling, it can cause hardships (become addicted and cause bankruptcy), heartaches (breaks up family and neglect children), and crime rate increases.

Positive Impact of Casinos

Indirect employment: In the development of building a Casino, it benefits the Navajo people by creating jobs for the public and local individuals. Jobs such as construction workers, banking, and housing developments are some of the forms of employment that were established during the construction and operation of the casinos. Not only during the development but for after the progress is complete, other parts of the casinos will need service workers for the restaurants and gaming areas.

Direct employment: Employment is very valuable to the Navajo nation, with the growth of casinos on tribal land, helps decrease unemployment for Navajo and supports another improvement of living. The funds from the casino were used to help improve health care, scholarships for education, and infrastructures on tribal land.

Casinos support local businesses by attracting tourism and by spending money within the town/city of the established gaming areas. All types of business profit from tourism and those monies are used for second developments and those revenues are turned into third area development, called spin-off development.

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Local communities experience positive and negative economic impacts by way of employment-direct or employment-indirect from the establishments of casinos. Some of the positive effects are that it created jobs for locals. There are several negative effects such as compulsive gambling and especially on Tribal lands that cause local people to gamble themselves into bankruptcies.

There have been numerous studies by Nelson and Barron, that show a link between gambling and bankruptcies, however, a study done by Thalheimer which included the Native American casino, revealed that there weren’t any associations between bankruptcies and gambling. Therefore, there is no solid evidence that there is a connection between gambling and bankruptcy.

Native American casino differs mainly in collecting the axes. The states cannot regulate that the native American casinos charge taxes because tribal land is self-sufficiently operated. Hen,ce, the state must negotiate a contract for both sides to share proceeds. The other casinos that charge taxes help improve local communities and assist with public services that include education, public health, and other programs.

Crime has contributed to an increase in public safety around the casinos due to the rise in visitors and other people in power like the mob. Increased gambling problem occurs when someone cannot control their temptation to know when to through in the towel and this issue is not prejudiced either it affects Native Americans as well as people that live in the cities. Personal bankruptcy although not heavily related to gambling but is one factor that leads many folks to waste money. Money that could have been for paying bills and/or family budget. With the rise in visitors and growth in population, it does impact traffic congestion, therefore it increased demand for social services like police and fire protection.

Gambling redistributed income from lower-income groups by gambling away their monies into the casino systems. The poorest ones are the ones using up all their income on gambling. Redistributing of income is funneled into the social mechanism by way of taxation, welfare, public services, and monetary policies.

Gambling hurts poverty-stricken families because instead of using their budget to pay the bills and feed their family, the money is drained into the casino and it is causing people to have a gambling addiction. This may cause losing jobs, broken families, and coming into major debt.

Relationship between the revenue collected by the government and the expenditures that accompany the adoption of casinos…

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