A Discourse Community on McDonald Hall and Its Positive Impacts on My Life

For some people this discourse community that I picked may not have the same impacts and comments that I have. The discourse community that I picked was McDonald Hall because I feel like it has had an impact on my life so much in negative and positive ways. Some of the positive ways that it has impacted me is that you can go to unlimited times to the McDonald hall to get food anytime during the day. That helps the students that don’t have much money or food in their room is able to eat in the cafeteria.

Because in my experience here at Lees McRae College I have had to go to the cafeteria many of times because of money and food issue. But it was to save money to so later in the week my friends and me could go out to eat and have a good time with the money I saved because I went to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is a discourse community because they come together and have common goals to meet each day. Plus they have specific guidelines they have to follow and they have to be checked on. I love the way the cafeteria try’s to interact and help the student with all the comments they get. They strive to make the cafeteria good for us students and healthy but the healthy part sometimes is not where they get but they are working on that and the general manger is helping to improve the quality and the cleanliness of the McDonald hall.

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Learning a lot about the McDonald hall after I interviewed and observed it more in depth then just sitting eating and leaving. So the discourse community has to have asset of goals which means they have to have a purpose of coming together and showing they support there group.

This is how the McDonald hall employees interact with the student Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. They interact with the students because the students can go to them for help and concerns. Like if the students’ needs more tea out all they have to do is to ask for what ever they need and the staff of the cafeteria will get it to them as quick as possible. They never say no right off unless they know for sure that cant fulfill the student’s wants and needs. They have someone to walk around and check the food for quality, cold or hotness, and cleanliness. How you know they work for the McDonald hall they have a uniform they have to wear and it is a black shirt and black pants and apron and skid resident shoes. There’s people that walk around and wipe down the tables and sweep the floor. And we have some staff that restocks anything needed restocked. Then there is the people that wash the dishes the bowls, plates, spoons, forks, knifes, cups and takes the trash off the plates and cups and bowls before putting them in the dishwasher.

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