The Positive and Negative Impacts of The Outsiders, a Book by S. E. Hinton

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In today’s generation schools and parents want their kids to be as safe as can be, even when they are not around them. Parents do not want their kid reading something that can be related to violence, or drugs and alcohol as well as sexual content. Libraries in schools have separated many books that could in fact be dangerous to teenagers and kids in this generation as well as society. But is it really safe? ls it safe to keep these kids of books away from what can be our potential future? One book that seems to be going in both directions is called The Outsiders.

The book has some positives and negatives when incomes to arguing about whether or not this book is appropriate for teens. The book has violence, it is gang related and how you were separated between the socs and the greasers. A greaser was someone who was poor as a soc was someone who had money.

The book also involves crime like murder and physical fights between both gangs. I can see as to why a parent or a teacher would not want this for a teenager. Could this be a good way of teaching students how the real world works?

It can be teachers could use this book to teach students that the real world can be dangerous and affiliated with violence and crimes such like the ones in the book. it can teach them to stay away and choose the right crowd. As well as learning, not to judge someone for what they wear or how they look.

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In today’s society, it has now been harder to not get judged by where you came from or what you wear this can be a lesson to respect everyone around you equally. There is one teacher who used the book as a good way to teach students the reality that the book had. She chose to teach her students about the book mainly because it had a lot of social class examples (prl), I think this is a good way to show and teach students what to learn from in the book. Which is why I think it should not be banned for teenagers to read, on the other hand I do understand why it could be banned, because kids can also be intrigued by what happens in the book and can get into it.

Аs well as seeing how the social classes work they could begin to treat people for how they look and where they are from other than respecting everyone The book also has some positivity in order for it to not to be banned for kids our age, it shows a lot of brotherhood and loyalty, There were incidents that happened in the story where pony boy gets in trouble with the sees and Barry and Johnny help pony boy out. even though not all of them were all brothers they for sure acted and treated each other like they were, pony boy even mentions how he loves his older brother soda in the beginning of the story “I love soda more than I ever loved anyone, even mom and dad(pg2).” They always loved each other and stood up for each other especially with the socs. It’s also good to know and appreciate where you came from like the greasers do in the outsiderst To never feel like you are worth less or are different because of who you are in the book pony boy also says how he identifies the greasers as poor, “we’re poorer than the socs and the middle class(pg3).

It’s important to appreciate where you came from and with the people you came with It shows loyalty for you and the people around you. Banning books from teens is just hiding reality away from their eyes I think if they are to read a book like the outsiders they will find it interesting. I also think if you banned books they won’t be able to read what they actually want to read because a lot of options are already off the shelf. 1 think a teen should be able to read whatever he or she wants to read in order to express individuality and express what he or she likes, banning books will just keep them away from what they will soon have to learn about anyway as a kid grows up and its better for them to read and get good knowledge about It now It can show kids how people live different then they do The use of drugs and violence can be used in an educational way. The outsiders can be used in a sociology class to learn about the social classes and why they in fact used violence in the book. it can also be used as a question of what is the reason behind alcohol and drug

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