Ponyboy as a Hero in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

The Outsiders by S.EtHinton is a great book, and I really enjoyed reading it, This is because I learned how different life can be for other people. In the book we saw how people became heroes and how enemies became friends. I also saw how we don’t have to follow the crowd in making decisions like Ponyboyt While reading this book we learned that no matter how terrible our living conditions are we shouldn’t give up in pursuing our dreams.

To be a hero doesn’t mean you need a cool costume and super powers You can be a normal human being and be a hero, In the book we saw how Ponyboy and 2 other members of the gang became heroes. Though at the beginning of the book, I don’t think anyone would have expected these kind of boys to become heroest Well they did, They saved little children from inside a burning building. I think these three people are heroes because they risked their lives for other people’s lives.

Even though Johnny died later on He saved the lives of other children leaving him known as a hero to the rest of the world. Another significant thing I noticed while reading the book was how Ponyboy had a different mentality from the other members of the gang He was different because he saw no use of getting into fights. When everyone had the option of living in peace. He also didn’t understand why the Socs‘ and Greasers always had little problems all the time If Ponyboy was given the chance to change something I think he would make everything be peaceful between the Greasers and the Socs’.

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Why? Because he hated violence and after losing Johnny I think he would really act on the violence issue. Losing another close friend of his wouldn‘t have been nice, so I think he would have stressed on the case of violence, During the book we saw how Ponyboy changed from a shy teen at the beginning to a brave teen at the end, At the beginning of the book Ponyboy was bullied and toyed with by the Socs’.

Towards the end he realized that he was a tough young man who could stand up for himself at all times He also realized that letting people bully you won’t make them stop, but it could encourage them to continue. Ponyboy let Johnny’s death get to him. Which affected his school work and grades. From Ponyboy I have learned to stand my ground when I need to because if I don’t, the world would take advantage of me, He also showed me how we don’t have to always follow the crowd in making a decision Reading this book was a great experience, It has made me excited about English class. After the Outsiders I want to read more of S.E.Hinton’s books. Apan from all the fun we had reading, I learned important things about life. We shouldn’t always follow the crowd and how Violence is never the answer to solving a problem.

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