The Outsiders Epilogue

Epilogue For The Outsiders “How do you feel Johnny, your flirts sunset up close and personal? ‘ I asked him “Its amazing Dad! I love it. ” We continued staring into the radiant beams of the sun until Johnny popped the question I was dreading all those years. “Dad? ” “Yes son? ” I answered, knowing what he was going to ask. “How did I get my name? ” took a long sigh. “l had a friend when I was a bit older than you, his name was Johnny, an amazing friend to have who didn’t deserve to leave my friends and I.

I said, tears swelling In my eyes “Dad, are you crying? ” I’m fine don’t worry about me” I said blinking back the tears. “Oh k Dad, your friend Johnny sounded like a great friend to have, what happened to him? ” “Perhaps I should show you Johnny, come on lets go. ” We arrived at the local cemetery with Johnny In my hand and the cold frosty air of winter blowing across the tall-untreated grass.

“This place is giving me the creeps Dad, can we go now’ Johnny requested “No come on son we have to go visit Johnny and show our love for him. We kept walking in silence and noticed a red flower hiding under the blades of grass. I grabbed It and it suddenly reminded me of the red of cherries… Cherry Valance. We finally reached the tombstones of Johnny Cede and beside him, Dally Winston. Johnny Cede 1950-1966 Dallas Winston 1949-1966 placed the flower between the two graves and stood there In silence, and then I told Johnny the story.

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“Johnny always got beat up by his parents and rich kids, he never felt safe and always wanted to die. One day we were face to face with some rich kids and one of their names was Bob.

We started verbally fighting each other when Bob grabbed me by he head and was attempting to drown me in a fountain. At that point I was so scared, I was afraid and actually thought I was going to die not experiencing love, traveling around the world and having you Johnny. ” I was sobbing at this point. “Johnny was the reason I am soul alive right now. He saved me, he was the one who killed Bob. We had to flee and luckily Dally knew a place we could hide from the cops. We traveled by train to a Church in Windmills, where things took a turn for the worst.

The Outsiders Essay

Johnny was about to own up and face the cops when we passed the church we dated In. It was burning. Johnny and I looked at each other and we knew we had to save them. I made it but he didn’t… He broke his back and died a slow death. He wrote a letter to me and said “Stay gold Pony, It’s a great way to… ” I stopped; I looked at my beautiful son, Blonde hair and blue eyes. Then I thought of the way I digger sunsets, watching movies by myself and at that moment I truly understood what Johnny was trying to tell not only me, but Dally too. I smiled. “Come on Johnny, let’s go home.

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The Outsiders Epilogue
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