Essays on Bullying

Free essays on bullying are written pieces that aim to raise awareness about the negative impact of bullying on victims and offer preventative solutions. These essays may discuss the psychological effects of bullying, the reasons why bullies act the way they do, and strategies that schools and parents can use to prevent bullying. Additionally, free essays on bullying may address the ways in which technology has transformed the nature of bullying and offer suggestions for maintaining safety and fostering healthy relationships online. Overall, these essays serve as a valuable resource for anyone looking to better understand and combat bullying in their community.
Childhood of Elon Musk
Words • 736
Pages • 3
Childhood Elon reeve musk was born on june 28 1971 in pretoria south africa. Musk taught himself how to code at the age of 10. When he turned 12, Musk sold his first video game called Blastar to a video game magazine. but being a smart kid made him a great victim for bullies at the English-speaking Waterkloof house preparatory school. In elementary school musk was short, introverted and bookish. He was mercilessly bullied by older kids who often went…...
BullyingElon MuskTechnologyTransport
The Instagram Incident and My Speech on the Fight Against Bullying
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
For some reason, I went to bed very early last night, I forgot to plug my phone in so when I woke up it was dead. I plugged it in and just left for school without it. It’s the tenth week of school of my first year of middle school and I have no friends. Something was off because when I got on the bus, everyone‘s eyes seemed to be directed at me. I decided to sit down towards the…...
The Impact of Rachel Scott’s Death in Rachel’s Tears
Words • 674
Pages • 3
In the biography, Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott describes the events that led up to Rachel Scott’s horrible death and how it affected thousands of people around the world. Narrated by her parents, this book shows that standing up for your beliefs may cost you something, but the cost (in this case) was the only choice Rachel Scott had. As a high school student, Rachel Scott struggled like any other normal teenager temptations were all around her,…...
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The Impact of Negative Comments in Social Media on Ill Individuals
Words • 612
Pages • 3
Among the principal defects of social media is cyber bullying. A survey conducted by Slonje & Smith (2008) on cyber bullying shows an estimate of over 90% of social media users have witnessed cyber bullying. A similar studies by 'Enough is enough' - A Non-Government organization fighting for internet security showed that 33% of the users of the internet and social forums had fallen victims of cyber bullying. The cyber bullying is not limited to specific users. Those with the…...
CyberbullyingMediaSocial Media
Benjamin in Animal Farm
Words • 965
Pages • 4
The tale of Animal Farm by George Orwell is an enjoyable fable of a farm run by its animals. However, this seemingly innocuous account of talkative animals and their farm is laced with allegories to make the reader delve deeper into their meaning and to understand what each character represents. Though this ”fairy tale" holds enjoyment at face value, Orwell includes each specific character for a good reason and to reflect various characteristics of human nature, The character Benjamin is…...
AbuseAnimal FarmBullyingPsychology
Young, Racial Profiling in the Short Story Don’t Mess with Tanya by Ken Tangvik
Words • 1322
Pages • 6
In the short story Don’t Mess With Tonya by Ken Tangvik, we experience a glimpse of young, racial profiling with both Tanya, a young African American teen, and Anthony who moved to America when he was ten years old, These two characters both grew up being bullied by others because of who they were. This story is very relatable due to the fact that I was too bullied when I moved to America. Apparently having an accent, in high school,…...
AdolescenceBullyingRacial ProfilingRacism
Ponyboy as a Hero in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Words • 523
Pages • 3
The Outsiders by S.EtHinton is a great book, and I really enjoyed reading it, This is because I learned how different life can be for other people. In the book we saw how people became heroes and how enemies became friends. I also saw how we don’t have to follow the crowd in making decisions like Ponyboyt While reading this book we learned that no matter how terrible our living conditions are we shouldn’t give up in pursuing our dreams.…...
AdolescenceBullyingThe OutsidersViolence
What I Would Do If I Had the Power to Change Something
Words • 508
Pages • 3
If I had the power to change something I would change the fact that everyone only cares about what you look like. I feel as if that is a very demeaning opinion, but never the less an opinion. People just say things about you and don’t really know who you are inside. I feel bad for those going through this right now because I’ve been there Some advice I‘d give to them is don‘t lose who you are just because…...
Schools Should Consider Bullying as a Serious Matter And Needs Sincere Attention
Words • 541
Pages • 3
While the connection and relationship between bullying and suicide is still being researched, I believe that Ohio should hold students and faculty legally responsible for bullying that results in suicide based on the evidence provided. I believe that actions have consequences and if there is clear evidence that influenced a suicide, those individuals should be punished. Bullying can be performed in a number of ways, but is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as "Unwanted, aggressive…...
The Pain Felt by People Who Were Victims of Bullying
Words • 362
Pages • 2
It is every child's fear to be bullied, but when the time comes, taking it all in isn't an option. Teenagers go through the worst type of bullying nowadays. Pain only makes you stronger. Victims of bullying need to gently “swallow all their fear” and fight back. Bullies have many flaws which cause them to want to hurt others because they are jealous of the things they don't have. The pain bullies cause are out of hand, most victims are…...
The Emotional and Physical Aspects of Bullying
Words • 414
Pages • 2
Is it right to bully another human being, be it physically or emotionally? The answer that comes to your mind should always be an irrefutable 'no'. Yet, this answer does not always come to the minds of everyone; thus, bullies arise. Rather than using the Golden Rule of treating others the way they want to be treated, bullies choose to do the opposite. As Benjamin Franklin said in his story, The Handsome and Deformed Leg, “There are two Sorts of…...
Different Types of Bullying in School
Words • 474
Pages • 2
A bully entails any person who is mean to someone else in any way. Types of bullying include name-calling, harassing, and even starting rumors. Bullies can fit any physical description, boy or girl, rich or poor, and can be in any place, schools, parks, and malls. Children become bullies for different reasons, but the most common one is to make themselves feel more powerful than the person they are bullying. The emotional results of bullying range from lowered self-esteem all…...
Bullying Should Be Considered a Criminal Act
Words • 442
Pages • 2
Would you be able to lead a normal life, if someone kills every ounce of self-confidence which you have? How much time would it take for you to recover from such a situation? These might seem like hypothetical questions for you, but they are real life scenarios, for victims of bullying. In most of the cases, bullying just attracts a normal verbal warning in our colleges and schools and the bully is let off. However, the mental trauma through which…...
The End of Bullying in My Life
Words • 1213
Pages • 5
A Cut String Beads of sweat drenched my forehead as I spied them through my cabin window like a lion stalking its prey from the bushes. All of the blood evacuated my face as my skin turned ghostly pale. I shielded my face with both of my arms, cloaking myself from their racial slurs, which pierced my emotions like whistling arrows. My emotions erupted, but my consciousness, the prison guard to my body, locked them inside. I kneeled down in…...
A Discussion on the Effects of Bullying Among Children
Words • 377
Pages • 2
Bullying not just a matter of temporary hurting words, and or minimal physical damage. Bullying has long lasting mental, emotional and sometimes physical effects that can change a victim's life. A study made on high school boys showed that about 70% of them brought weapons to school to protect themselves. Bullying has made these students believe that the school is not safe place. Bullying starts as early as kindergarten where a child could be socially isolated or left out by…...
The Problem of Bullying Against LGBTQ Students
Words • 586
Pages • 3
“Bullying towards LGBTQ students, that's what I would like to write about.” The bell had just rung for the first day of my journalism class. About twenty of us sat around in a circle discussing article topics for our upcoming print edition newspaper. No topic was that important enough to be wasting more than half the class just talking about. However when you heard that deep voice say he wanted to write about LGBTQ in a very conservative school, most…...
The Social Media Outlets and the Issues of the Cyber Bullying
Words • 301
Pages • 2
Apart from the good things of social media there are also tragic things such as, cyber bullying; a 2009 study found that 17.3% of middle school students have been victims of cyber bullying, there's also sexing, overuse, over sharing, exposure within young teens and even adult web sites. Social media is becoming a threat to people's lives. Studies have shown that some teens suffer from face book depression after spending a lot of time on face book and other social…...
AdolescenceBullyingSocial Media
Three Main Solutions to Thwart Cyber-Bullying
Words • 621
Pages • 3
Cyber-bullying occurs when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person. The victims of cyber-bullying are humiliated, consequently can leading to suicide. Teens and even young kids ages ten and up have committed suicide, this is a big problem because it's affecting others such as their family members and close friends. No one should have to take their lives because of depression; someone must take…...
What Is Bullying and What Are Its Effects?
Words • 602
Pages • 3
Bullying is not just mentally, but also physical dismay on people and on their minds. It can cause depression in the person that is being bullied it can cause suicide. Some people don't understand what they do to other people when they call them fat or ugly they don't realize that calling people names is even a form of bullying. There is more than one form of bullying you can do it in more than one way than just saying…...
An Overview of Security and Privacy Issues in Online Video Games
Words • 1796
Pages • 8
Research shows that 25% of people in the world fall victims of online video games security threats each year. This means that one person in every 4 is affected by the issue of privacy and security as a threat in online video games (Herr and Allen, 2015), Security and privacy issues of online video games have resulted in internet users being preyed on by mischievous hackers and cyber bullies High-speed technology in recent times has impacted to online gaming is…...
BullyingCyberbullyingPrivacyVideo Game
Bullying Is an Unacceptable but Real Problem
Words • 1652
Pages • 7
INTRODUCTION It is overwhelming and devastating for any parent to see fear in their child as a result of abuse in school because it affects the development and learning which robs the child of self-esteem and trust in facing others and developing as a learner. The idea of bullying has gradually developed over some time and is now not only limited to the schoolyard or working workplace. Marshall, (2012) on her paper cited and outlined that Research has found that…...
Action BullyingBullyingBullying In Schools
Health Care Workplace Action Bullying
Words • 849
Pages • 4
Introduction In Chapter 2 of the book, Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management, the author talks about Legal, Ethical, and Safety Issues in the Healthcare Workplace. Healthcare Organization (HCO) Human Resource (HR) managers are responsible for insuring that the actions of each individual employee and the collective efforts of all employees as an organization follow the rules set forth by the laws that are applicable to any industry along with those that are designed specifically for health care.…...
Action BullyingSocial IssuesWorkplace Bullying
An Overview of Different Sociological Approaches
Words • 1243
Pages • 5
Social Problem The act of unwanted, aggressive behavior, characterized by real or perceived power imbalances is common throughout our lives. Bullying behavior is often repeated by those who carry it out to their fellows if no immediate action is taken. The bullying action is characterized by a lot of activities such as making of threats, physical and verbal attacks, rumor-mongering, and being excluded from a particular group of people, more so, age mates, The act also affects many people, ranging…...
Action BullyingBullyingSocial Issues
The Personal Reflection on the Bullying Problems in the Elementary Schools
Words • 1018
Pages • 5
When faced with a wall of confusion and unfamiliarity, it is the natural instinct for a young toddler to shy away and sit in the dark. This same instinctive nature came back to a young boy on his way to the Land of Opportunity from the inner city of Mexico. On arrival to the currently frozen state of Michigan, the boy passes the ruins of a great industryeit’s almost deja vu. He passes lost souls on the streets (again?) only…...
Action BullyingBullyingBullying In SchoolsSocial Issues
Understanding Bullying and Its Effects on Children
Words • 893
Pages • 4
“Bullying is defined as, intentional actions repeated over time that harm, intimidate or humiliate another person" (Olewus 1993). For those who are bullied, 13% of students experience physical bullying whereas 37% of students experience verbal and social bullying. Children that are subjected to bullying have shown higher signs ofbeing susceptible to depression, and engagement of self inflicted harm as well. Not only are there physical effects of bullying but academically as well. For those who are bullied, they have experienced…...
Schoo Bullying And ​Psychologica Interaction
Words • 1509
Pages • 7
An analysis of School bullying and Psychological Interaction Nery Espinosa LaGuardia Community College Abstract: Bullying is considered to be any conduct that an individual or a group of individuals performs on a similar or a group of similar interests with the sole purpose of harming the victim, it can be either physical, verbal abuse, insults, threats, ​sexual orientation ​ or social. The psychological sequences of 6-grade middle schoolers, who suffer bullying are especially emotional​,​ also an increase in feelings of…...
BullyingBullying In SchoolsMiddle School
Michael Nuccitelli Cybercriminal Thought
Words • 962
Pages • 4
“Cyberspace allows our darkest fantasies to be fueled by the like minded. Once validated they are one step closer to becoming reality.” -Michael Nuccitelli, The Mind of a Cyber Criminal. Technology is everywhere. You see it wherever you go when you got out to eat, drive down the road, go to the doctors; in fact it would be much easier to name places where it cannot be seen. Its true that technology has helped make huge advances to our world…...
CrimeCyberbullyingIdentity Theft
My Dream On world
Words • 796
Pages • 4
I’m growing up in a world full of hate and violence, everything that we see on the news is negative. Just like Martin Luther King Jr’s I have a dream speech, I too, desire a world of peacefulness and harmony. So how do we get there? Martin Luther King Jr started doing charity work and volunteering to those in need. Martin Luther King Jr isn’t around to help out anymore so who’s gonna do it? We should each play a…...
Bullying In SchoolsDreamSchool
The Problem Of Bullying At School
Words • 936
Pages • 4
Bullying in schools across the country and even the world affects nearly everyone that goes through public or private schooling. “Bullying in school is generally defined as repeated, intentional acts of aggression directed toward a student who has less status or power.”  Bullying can also occur between two or more students or it can be between students and teachers. Bullying can vary from verbal abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, to even cyberbullying. The type of bullying makes no difference because…...
Bullying In SchoolsProblemsSchool
The End Bullying In Schools
Words • 543
Pages • 3
Imagine finding your child hanging lifeless in his/her closet because he/she was being bullied at school. This is not something that is easy for anyone to imagine and it shouldn’t be. For the parents of Gabbie Green, this was their reality. Bullying is no joke and it needs to stop! My name is Brandy Gonzalez and I am here to get your help with putting an end to bullying in schools. Rita Brhel, the managing editor of, wrote that…...
Bullying In SchoolsSchool
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Words • 819
Pages • 4
According to a study by Bauer et al., bullying in schools describes a social phenomenon involving physical or relational aggressive behaviors resulting from a power imbalance among children playing diverse social roles. Being a critical social phenomenon, perhaps as old as any child learning institution, which began to gain public attention in the mid-nineteenth century;  identifies that a host of personality and background factors might contribute to children’s roles in bullying. These contributors include family background, disability, friendship, peer-group reputation.…...
Bullying In SchoolsSchool
On Stop Bullying
Words • 492
Pages • 2
The following example essay on "On Stop Bullying" talks about a disturbing phenomenon - bullying of a child in school has become commonplace - more and more violence occurs in educational institutions, primarily psychological. Bullying is a universal problem that affects everyone in society-young or old. Bullying involves a pattern of repeated aggressive behavior with negative intent directed from one person or persons to another where there is a power difference. We owe it to ourselves to stop bullies through…...
AbuseAggressionBullyingHuman Nature
A World Without Diversity
Words • 469
Pages • 2
The following sample essay is on A World Without Diversity. I think a world without diversity would be monotone. The creators of the Community eliminated color because the people would notice that the weather is different every day and colors have a wide variety, not just black and white. If a person thought one color to him was a different color to another person, that would cause conflict, destroying the reason Sameness was created. We can see this because there…...
BullyingClothingColorCommunicationCreativityHuman Nature
Short Message Service Essay
Words • 2219
Pages • 9
SMS stands for short message service. SMS allows mobiles devices to communicate with each with short messages. When a message is sent, it goes through a nearby tower and then to an SMS centre. After the message is sent to the closest tower near the destination and sends the message to the receiver’s phone. The potential uses of SMS in businesses include sales promotions; marketing campaigns; orders; discount coupons/vouchers; virtual gifts; product launches; product verification/password confirmations; appointments/reminders; alerts; customer support; short surveys;…...
BullyingCommunicationComputer NetworkingCyberbullyingInformation AgeInformation Technology
Behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed
Words • 438
Pages • 2
The following sample essay on behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed in him first. Respected chairperson, members of the jury, worthy opponents, and the lovely audience, a good day to all. I stand before you to speak against the motion Boarding schools are substitutes for parental responsibility. Boarding schools where a normal family-based childhood is traded for the hot housing of entitlement!!! Children always remember their first day of boarding school they are on…...
BullyingChildCommunicationHuman Nature
Compare and contrast the significance of masculinity
Words • 2533
Pages • 11
Compare and contrast the significance of masculinity in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by William Shakespeare (1599) and ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding (1954).Words - 2622Masculinity is a core driving force in both ‘Much Ado About Nothing’(MAAN) and ‘Lord of the Flies’(LOTF), as male characters dominate both texts. Golding consciously chose all male characters in order to replicate society as he claims “If you land with a group of little boys they are more like a scaled-down society than…...
Action BullyingBullyingGenderHuman NatureMarriageMasculinity
• Compare and contrast interactions via social media with face-
Words • 1002
Pages • 5
As modernization evolve, so too is technology. Persons are finding faster, and easier methods communicating with friends and loved ones. There are many forms of communication, however, I will be comparing face-to-face and social media interactions. Face-to-face interactions is becoming less prevalent today. Social media terrace such as, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has taken over causing face-to-face interactions to lose its symbolic. Social media is widely spread. It is now the primary form of communicating for most persons. Daily persons…...
Action BullyingBody LanguageBullyingCommunicationConversationFacebook
Cyber Crime Against Children
Words • 2534
Pages • 11
The following example essay on "Cyber Crime Against Children" highlights the challenges of cybercrime against the person involving children being addressed in many countries through parental guidance and educational initiatives. The last two decades have seen a rapid development in the fields of technology and communication technologies. It took quite some time when phones became available to general public, but after that there had been a boom in the technological innovation and advancements. The bulky phones were soon replaced by…...
BullyingCyberbullyingInternetJusticeLawSocial Media
Cram Schools: Bullying in East Asian Schools
Words • 1624
Pages • 7
This essay sample essay on Cram Schools offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below. One day in Japan, a 14 year-old boy invited a younger schoolmate, 11 year-old, out for some fun, luring him to a quiet hill where he strangled the boy and sawed off his head, then placed it into a plastic bag and dropped it off at the gate of his school…...
BullyingBullying In Schools
Bargain Story: Key Facts and Theories
Words • 1850
Pages • 8
The sample paper on Bargain Story familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.Bargain by A. B. Guthrie 8th Grade English Language Arts EDRD 602D Secondary Reading Instruction 7-12 Performance Assessment 1 Fay Van Vliet “Before” Strategy: Activating and Focusing Prior-Knowledge and /or concepts needed Concept: Bullying Building Background knowledge based on personal and text-to-world connections (15 minutes) To activate prior knowledge and introduce the concept of bullying, I would read…...
BullyingBullying In SchoolsCritical ThinkingHuman NatureReading
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What I Would Do If I Had the Power to Change Something
...To exaggerate this effort I set up a facebook page, “Bullying, It’s time to shut you down,” Due to the fact that this is happening worldwide I know that people need support and this is one way they can get it. I wish I had this kind of support ...
The Pain Felt by People Who Were Victims of Bullying
...The second song is Brave by Sara Bareilles. The message in this song is to say your feelings. Its saying that you can sit around and endure pain, or you can do what your heart tells you, step up, defend yourself, do what you want to do. The third son...
What Is Bullying and What Are Its Effects?
...You can't change people for your own good. You might think that you are helping them but in reality you are just causing them more problems. Not everyone can wear designer clothing some people don't have the money to spend on it. The other form a bul...
Behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed
...The following sample essay on behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed in him first. Respected chairperson, members of the jury, worthy opponents, and the lovely audience, a good day to all. I stand before you to speak agai...
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