The Impact of Rachel Scott's Death in Rachel's Tears

In the biography, Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott describes the events that led up to Rachel Scott’s horrible death and how it affected thousands of people around the world. Narrated by her parents, this book shows that standing up for your beliefs may cost you something, but the cost (in this case) was the only choice Rachel Scott had. As a high school student, Rachel Scott struggled like any other normal teenager temptations were all around her, grades were always at the top of her list, and concerned parents always nagging her.

One thing that set her apart from the crowd was her love for Jesus Christ. She had a burning passion inside of her like no other, and she described this passion for him in her daily journal writings. Every day, Rachel would journal her feelings in notebooks, pouring out her emotions, doubts, and her “growing sense that her days on this earth were numbered (xxi).

” Rachel attended Columbine High School, a school located eight miles southwest of Denver, Colorado.

It was a normal day in the Scott household; everyone was rushing around the house trying to get ready for the day. As soon as Rachel and her brother Craig were ready for school, they sped off in her little red Acura, a generous gift given to her by her stepfather. Most Scott dropped off her husband Mike at work every morning, and by that time she had arrived at her work around 11:00 am. As soon as she was settled, a phone rang in her office; it was her oldest daughter Bethanee.

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Bethany warned her mom that something bad had happened at Columbine, and that she was rushing down to the school to go get Rachel and Craig. As soon as she heard this her heart stopped. She called up her children’s father and told him what was happening and that the parents needed to come down to the school immediately. This is when everything changed, and Rachel Scott‘s story began.

The killers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, had troubles of their own, they became friends because they both related to eachother in some way. Lately, school shootings have been on the rise, and the people who start these shootings have stories of their own. The two boys were bullied because they were “strange” or ”weird”. They walked around high school wearing their trench coats, also known as the trench coat mafia. Being made fun of and ridiculed triggered something inside of their lonely souls. Reports said that months before the shooting, they had filmed themselves saying how they wanted to “get back” at all the people who had done wrong to them. Bullying is a big problem now, and these two boys are examples of how it can affect a person and the people around them. With a gun pointed to her head Dylan Klebold asked Rachel, “Do you believe in God?”

Rachel responded, “You know I do”, and after her answer, that is when her life was taken from her in an instant, Rachel is a prime example of what it means to stand up for what you believe in. After reading how Rachel had died, I asked myself, “What would I do if someone had a gun pointed to my head and asked me the same question…?” It made me think of my values and what life really meant. In Rachel’s last moment of life, her personality traits really stood out and showed who a real hero is. The discovery of Rachel‘s journals uncovered to her parents who she really was, and gave them a sense of comfort, Because of her strong faith in God, he spoke to her in so many ways. Eleven months before the Columbine tragedy, Rachel wrote in her journal on May 2, 1998: “This will be my last year Lord. I have gotten what I cant Thank You.” Rachel had a sense that her life was soon ending, and she foreshadowed many of those thoughts in her journal.

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