Romeo and Juliet: Tragic Tears, Smiles, and Wonder

A tragedy that jerks your tears, makes you smile, and causes you to wonder why. In William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juilet many things make this in to a tragedy but, the main parts were, Romeo and Juilets immaturity and impatient, Tybalts hot-headed nature, and capulets controlling nature to have everything his way. Two children one named Romeo and the other Juilet were to immature to be truly in love after only a few minutes talking. For example, in the same evening Romeo met Juilet, Romeo was still love struck with a girl named Rosaline and heartbroken that she did’nt love him the same way, this shows how immature Romeo can be going from one girl to another so quickly thus, showing that he could get over Juilet just as fast.

In addition, when Romeo rushed to Friar Lawrance about Juilet Frair says, “is Rosiline, that thou dist love so dear, so soon for saken?” you were just maddly in love with Rosiline .

This implies that Friar Lawrance even thinks this is to sudden. Due to Friar Lawrances reaction Romeo should havr stoped to think about if he does truly love Juilet. Furthermore, while Romeo and Juilet were on the Capulets balcony Juilet insists “it is too rash, to unadvised to sudden too like the lightning” this ove its to fast. conseqendadinally Juilet even agreed with Friar Lawrance for a moment without even knowing proving that its all going way to fast. Because Romeo and Juilet were so young, immature, and Impatient they moved so quickly that it led to there deaths.

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Tybalt, a hot headed young man who over reacts to just about everything was taken to far. For example, at the Capulets party Tybalts hot head almost started a brawl because Romeo showed but, Lord Capulet snapped at him and told him to leave Romeo alone. Due to Tybalts anger you can tell something bad will happen after the party also, showing that Tybalt is very deturmind to kill a Montague.

In addition, right before the fight between Tybalt and Mercitio, Tybalt was still so mad at Romeo for comming to the party that Tybalt came looking for him to fight. Proving that Tybalt holds grouged and will attempt to get what he wants when he wants it. This implies that when is mad he is really mad and do what ever it takes to be satified. Furthermore, Tybalt trys to pressure Romeo in fighting by saying “Boy, this shall not excuse the injurys,that thou hast done me,thu for turn and draw” fight me. This also shows that Tybalt can over react and Claim weird things like Romeo hurting him by going to the Capulets party conseqendadinally leading to Tybalts death. If Tybalt did’nt have such a hot head maybe him, Juilet, Romeo, and Mercieo could all still be alive. A dads love or selfishness? Lord Capulet is a father who made sure everything went his way. For example, at the party when Tybalt saw Romeo and told Capulet and said he is going to kill Romeo, Capulet threw Tybalt to the wall and yelled at him to leave Romeo alone . Thus showing how little things can really make Capulet mad.

Also, that Capulet is not affraid to hurt another person. In addition, when Juliet told her father no that she will not marry Paris he flipped out, threw her to the ground and threatens to let her die on the streets. This proved that Capulet isn’t worried about how his doughter feels. Also that he is so easily willing to disown Juilet just because she refuses to marry someone she doesn’t even hardly know. Furthermore, when paris comes to see Juilet after Tybalt”s death Capulet gets so happy he moved the wedding and says “Monday! Haha! Well Wednesday is too soon a Thursday let it be!” you’ll be married Thursday! Showing that Capulet is so desprite to have more power and money. As a result, showing that he dose not care about how Juilet truly feels. Lord Capuet’s selfishness led to his own doughter’s death. All of these children die for dumb things that could have been prevented, some of you might say that it is all Tybalts falt that he should have let it go or some may say its the dads falt he is too pushy or even on Romeo and Juliet being stupid, well you’re wrong it is equally everyone falt.

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