Lord Tennyson's Poem "Tears, Idle Tears"

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Tearsidle tears I do know not what they mean the previous sentence is a line from Allred Lord Tennyson’s poem Tears idle tears. Just from reading the first sentence in this poem, you get an understanding that the speaker is weeping. Something doleful and saddening has happened in the speaker’s life. However, he claims he does not know what his tears mean. After reading this poem I got the feeling that the speaker had lost a loved one, there are many intimations that lead me to this conclusion.

In the first stanza. from the line tears from the depth of some divine despair. I know that the speaker is feeling great sorrow of something that is divine despair.

The first thing I think of is death rise in the heart and gathering to the eyes. In looking on the happy autumn fields and thinking of the days that are no more. The speaker is feeling the emptiness of the days to come.

He feels he is no longer happy without his love. He thinks of the days the way he is accustomed to feeling that Will be different now fresh as the first beam glittering on a sail. The speaker’s emotions are new to him he has not experienced them yet therefore he is unsure about how to deal with them. That brings our friends up from the underworld when someone dies old friends usually turn up to mourn for the death memories are thought of because of death.

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This line is saying that the underworld death. is bringing friends closer to fresh, the days that are no more. He is perplexed and unsure of what to feel, sad and strange as in dark summer dawns. The earliest pipe of half-awakened birds to dying ear when unto dying eyes. I am unsure of what this sequence of lines means. I believe it has something to do with him not being able to hear her voice or see her anymore. He is so shocked by her death he is almost a half» awakened bird everything is a little cloudy the casement slowly grows a glimmering square. In this line, the word casement refers to a window the speaker is saying that he feels the Window perhaps of a hospital room. is separating him and her from the outside familiar world the days that are no more.

There is a feeling of yearning for the past set by the speaker in this line. In the last stanza more is revealed of the story that goes along with the poem. Dear as remembered kisses after death. and sweet as those by hopeless fancy feigned on lips that are tor others: deep as love deep as first love and Wild With all regret 0 Death In Life, the days that are no more! The kisses after death, that are on that are for others, is the way of the speaker saying she is gone away, for someone else to find and love, gone to God. From the above stanza, we know that he has tell a deep first love, with the woman who has died the days that are no more!

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