"Professions for Women" and "Wonder Woman" Stories

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Parris Lawrence-Jackson

Professor Morgan

English 111-0023

1 May 2019

Compare and Contrast

These two stories are two different courses of action for looking at ways to strengthen

women but at the same time, they have a lot in common. One story is a story about a woman

growing up in a harsh place in time where women were mistreated and disrespected as well as

her overcoming that; while the other showed how one symbol can uplift thousands to millions of

people to become stronger.

Virginia Wolf’s “Professions for Women” and Loria Steinem’s

“Wonder Woman” are both empowering stories that want to uplift girls but both of their stories

differ but also relate.

Professions of Women is about a girl who grows up through many tragedies who soon

becomes a famous writer. Being raised hectic times in England and grew up to be a great

success, but the more success she got as she grew she became depressed and eventually

committed suicide. The story revolved around addressing the struggle of being a woman in a

workforce ran by men, she explained her struggle of being a writer and the pressure that had on


Steinem’s essay “Wonder Women” is about how the story of “Wonder Woman” made

her a strong woman and feminist and explained how this one symbol made her who she is today.

She talks about how when she was growing up the world was a very sexist place and wonder

Law re n ce 2

woman showed her at a young age that she was better than how women were portrayed.

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woman showed her to never depend on another person especially a man, she wanted to be that

strong female symbol for other girls and she ended up achieving that goal.

Both stories strive to empower women and want to show the people reading that women

are just as powerful as men and can do anything a man can do. Wolf does this by breaking

barriers as a writer and achieving financial independence. While Gloria explained how the comic

book figure Wonder Women influenced her and she strived to do what that did for her for other

girls around the world; Her publicly fighting for men and women equality as a feminist did just


Woolf and Steinem’s story’s had a clear goal and that was to inspire women to never

think men are any better then they are, but there were some differences and had some

similarities. Stanfield showed how one symbol of light can empower plenty while Woolf

explained that women can do anything and never let a man change their judgment.

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"Professions for Women" and "Wonder Woman" Stories
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