Appeal and value of fantasy stories and films

Man, as a species, is creative and has been throughout the ages. They put their creativity to use in the making of fantasy stories and films, many of which have made both positive and negative impacts on society today. The question is: are fantasy stories and films merely an escape from reality? Or do they offer us something more? I am of the view that fantasy stories and films are appealing and do have value in today’s society. The interesting storylines, their role in bringing hope and positivity to the world and their economic value all play a part in the appeal and value of fantasy stories and films.

Why Stories Appeal to Children and Adults

Fantasy stories and films have managed to pique the interest of children worldwide due to the colourful graphics and often amusing and unique storylines. Though the stories conveyed are often fictional, they often carry certain morals and values which are rubbed off on the children who read and watch these fantasy stories and films. For instance, in ‘Pokemon’, where the protagonist travels around the world to train and become the best at his craft, teaches the audience the importance of resilience and perseverance as they see their favourite characters marching on even after they have faced certain setbacks. Shows like ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘He-Man’ also depict not just human characters but animals as well and there is often a symbiotic relationship between the human protagonist and his trustworthy feline sidekick. This is also found in the Disney film ‘Bee Movie’, where human and animal work together to achieve a common goal.

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Children, who are the largest demographic to read and watch these stories and animated films, are at the age where they are most impressionable, and even subconsciously, the good-natured spirit of these films are passed down to them and they carry these value imparted for the rest of their lives. Even teenagers or adults, after reading or watching these stories and films, are reminded of the imp…

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Appeal and value of fantasy stories and films
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