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What the Dreams Foreshadow in Bless Me, Ultima 
Words • 1226
Pages • 5
There would be a great relief in knowing what the future has in store for us. While we don’t know what lies ahead of us the novel Bless Me, Ultima written by Rudolfo Anaya explains the dreams that Tony experienced and how they helped foreshadow future events. The dreams brought him back to past events that happened in his life. Tony is full of ambition as well as questions about his potential, and what he should be. The dreams were…...
Differences between Poetry, Prose, and Drama
Words • 594
Pages • 3
Literature is a study of literary work which presents ideas related to human experiences (Ogu, 2016). English literature has developed since a long time ago which is from oral to written works and has influenced the human mindset. Literature is divided into 3 genres namely poetry also known as poem, prose, and drama that have their characterizations. Poetry Poetry is one or literary works that consist of lines, stanzas or verses, and metaphors (Piscayanti, 2015). She stated that poetry can…...
DramaLiterary GenreLiteraturePoetry
Belly of Paris Characters’ Analysis
Words • 1489
Pages • 6
In 1848, Paris entered a transformational period under its president, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III. Motivated to overthrow the government, Napoleon scheduled a coup d’etat where he seized power and was put in charge. Under this newfound power, Napoleon envisioned a Paris that is different from the Middle Ages, a time of great revolution and upheaval, and planned to make Paris the most extravagant city in the world. He made new efforts to provide more food and improve the lives of the…...
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Charlotte Born Into a Strict Anglican Home
Words • 667
Pages • 3
Charlotte Bronte was born on April 21, 1816, in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. Born into a strict Anglican home, Charlotte was raised by her religious aunt and clergy father after her mother and two eldest sisters passed away. While taking on the motherly role to her youngest sister Emily, Bronte went on to write her first known poem at the age of thirteen in 1829. She and her surviving siblings - Branwell, Emily, and Anne- created their own fictional worlds through…...
Book SummaryBritish LiteratureFictionJane EyreNovelsWriters
Fiction Novel Dear Martin by Nic Stone and Fictional Play a Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
Words • 1064
Pages • 5
In the realistic fiction novel Dear Martin by Nic Stone and fictional play A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, readers are encouraged to await the “end” of their novel. Stone reveals the impact police brutality has on a bright African American teen, Justyce McAllister through internal conflict and motifs of pain and memory. The encounter Justyce has with the police makes the character doubt his society and his own identity. Hansberry similarly addresses the issues that Youngers face…...
A Raisin In The SunJusticeNovelRacial ProfilingRacism
The Romanticism Era Occurred During the 19th-Century
Words • 361
Pages • 2
The Romanticism era occurred during the 19th-century, it was an art movement that would look towards nature to find the truth and meaning and is categorized by a nostalgic standpoint of native cultures. While, the Realist era happened during the late 19th-century. Which was also another art movement that was highlighted by gritty representations of the working class and emphasis on speaking-truth-to-power. Romanticism would illustrate the messages with fiction. Realist describes a message that portrays realistic situations. The Romanticist and…...
The Realistic Fiction Novel “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett
Words • 990
Pages • 4
The realistic fiction novel “Fall of Giants” by Ken Follett is based around the early 1910’s discussing the economic struggles surrounding the Great War and the life of families of different class . This book is based around three major families that give a global view on the effects during the time frame. One of the families lives in the lower class, poor and barely making a living, called the Williams family Who had been at britain at the time…...
Literary GenreNovelPolitics
Chinua Achebe’s first central female character in a novel is
Words • 1580
Pages • 7
Chinua Achebe’s first central female character in a novel is Beatrice Nwanyibuife. She is portrayed as an independent woman in the city. She is able to scrutinize the status of Kangan with a perspective more geared towards reality, and she advices Chris and Ikem on a better way of handling the situation. Achebe has been able to use his art for the service of Africans. His stories are not just meant to be read for the fun of reading, but…...
Chinua AchebeColonialismCultureGovernmentLiterary GenreLiterature
In the novel Brain on Fire written by Susannah Cahalan she tells
Words • 645
Pages • 3
In the novel Brain on Fire written by Susannah Cahalan, she tells her story about her struggles with the issue with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and the process by which she was diagnosed with a rare form of encephalitis. After many weeks of her behaviour getting progressively worse, hearing voices and having seizures Susannah moves deeper into insanity and becomes violent. After a number of tantrums, misdiagnoses, and a long hospital stay, a doctor's last-minute intervention enables him to give her…...
BiologyBrainLiterary GenreLiteratureNovelScience
The cellist of SarajevoThe Sarajevo is Stevens Galloway’s novel
Words • 584
Pages • 3
The cellist of SarajevoThe Sarajevo is Stevens Galloway’s novel the novel is talking about small parts of life with its people, who act different character, different case, and different reaction. But by the end every one of them loved his life and his decision, and how they hated the war and its affect,and now we will show you we will show you in my words some samples of these people and their life’s as Steven Galloway presents them.Cellist The first…...
Literary GenreNovel
Catch 22 is a social satire that is used for humour and
Words • 713
Pages • 3
Catch 22 is a social satire that is used for humour and it is mostly used to harm the reputation of or mock important aspects of the society (Wikipedia, 2019). Satire also referred to as black humour is a very different and creative way of telling a story from a scene. It may be novel, movie, drama etc. In the novel Catch 22 written by Joseph Heller has also made a lot of hints regarding black humour to raise reader’s…...
By comparing Shakespeare’s The Tempest with Margaret
Words • 687
Pages • 3
By comparing Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” with Margaret Atwood’s reimagining of The Tempest, “Hag-seed” it becomes evident the two are in direct conversation with each other. Aspects of both texts mirror, align and collide with each other. These aspects create a connection between the novels which enables a readers response to both of the texts to become enhanced. Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” is set on a mysterious island controlled by the Protagonist Prospero. The play explores the themes of power, revenge…...
ForgivenessHuman NatureNovelRevengeThe Tempest
In Chapter 39 of the novel after the death of Simoun Father
Words • 2860
Pages • 12
In Chapter 39 of the novel, after the death of Simoun, Father Florentino threw all his possessions such as his jewelries in the Pacific Ocean for the purpose of putting an end to the corruption and bribery that comes along with his possessions as it may once again start a revolt. Simoun represents the ideology that the only way to bring back what was stolen or taken from the Philippines is through violence and aggression.BasilioBasilio was introduced in Rizal’s first…...
Education ReformIdealismNovelPhilippinesPoliticsRights
DmytroCommentaryHaving read the suggested range of poems in
Words • 1466
Pages • 6
DmytroCommentary:Having read the suggested range of poems in the anthology, it became immediately apparent that within each poem and piece of writing, there were recurrent themes which varied from self-esteem in ‘Still I Rise’, to cultural identity in ‘Unknown girl’, and from freedom in ‘The Story of an Hour’ to pride, in ‘The Necklace’. Above all of them, I chose to write about the theme of the fragility of life as I found it to be the most emotionally moving.This…...
EmpathyPoemsPoetryPrivacyRobert FrostWebsite
Words • 799
Pages • 4
The first chapter will focus on the rise of detective fiction as a genre. And, how the works of Edgar Ellen Poe, Emile Gaboriau, Charles Dickens and Willie Collins served as a foundation and inspiration for the birth of Mr Holmes the consulting detective. Besides this, it introduces the social and political conditions of the Victorian Era which provides the backdrop for this emerging new genre.Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the mastermind behind the archetypal private detective: the brilliant one…...
Arthur Conan DoyleEdgar Allan PoeFictionSherlock HolmesWriters
Hwang Jini a famous Joseon Dynasty kisaeng artists who worked
Words • 2513
Pages • 11
Hwang Jini, a famous Joseon Dynasty kisaeng (artists who worked to entertain others, such as the aristocrats and kings) who lived from 1506 to 1560, is an eternal name in Korean literary history as one of the most celebrated female poetry writers. Although she wrote extensively during her life, her remaining works are limited to six shijo, an indigenous Korean poetry form, and seven hanshi, or poems written in Chinese. Hwang Jini’s poetry mirrors that of many other kisaeng poets…...
Eye Symbolism from Revelation by Flannery O’Connor
Words • 547
Pages • 3
Short stories often utilize different elements to attract and draw in a variety of readers. Symbolism is an element that will be carried throughout the entire story to hold it together and gradually round out the ending. In the short story, “The Tell-Tale” by Edgar Allan Poe, the old man’s eye is described as “pale blue, with a film over it” implying a lack of visual clarity. The eye in the story symbolizes the narrator, meaning that all the information…...
CultureEdgar Allan PoeShort StoryWriters
A wolf is a wild carnivorous mammal which is the largest member
Words • 840
Pages • 4
A wolf is a “wild carnivorous mammal which is the largest member of the dog family, living and hunting in packs”. In the poem “Wolf” by Keki Daruwalla, we see a young child haunted and /or traumatized by the howls of a wolf. The child is somewhat confused as to why the howls of the wolf were of despair as they were such powerful creatures. In the poem we see the poet comparing the wolf’s radiating presence to a lit…...
Shelter the First Amendment, Not Our Children
Words • 2013
Pages • 9
When material is censored, is knowledge being kept from the public? Throughout history, there have been countless instances in which people argued if certain pieces of literature should be banned. According to the first page of the article, “First Amendment and Censorship”, censorship is “The suppression of ideas and information that certain persons-individuals, groups, or government officials-find objectionable or dangerous”. One kind of censorship is book banning, which as stated by the article, “Banned Books: Why Are Books Banned?”, is…...
AdolescenceCensorshipNovelThe Bluest Eye
Words • 457
Pages • 2
CommentaryI chose to use Kate Chopin’s ‘Story of an Hour’, as I feel the way that she portrayed her main character Louise Mallard was very interesting and there were many areas that I could explore in the presentation. The story line of the short story is easy to settle into, and also the plot twist at the end is very surprising. Overall, I felt that ‘Story of an Hour’ was a very good short story to analyse, as I could…...
CommunicationShort Story
English SBA Cannabis Legalization Issue
Words • 1153
Pages • 5
ANNA REGINA SECONDARY SCHOOL SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT ENGLISH A&B 11023601993265 Name of student: Aneeza Johnson Centre number: 090003 Class: Grade 11 Science Territory: Guyana Teacher: Nikita James Acknowledgement The researcher would like to thank God for his guidance, her parents, group members, and most of all her extinguish English teacher for her guidance in making the completion of this SBA a success. Introduction Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names is a psychoactive drug from cannabis plant used for…...
AddictionCannabisEnglish LanguageMarijuanaPoetryResearch
So in this essay we are going to compare and contrast two
Words • 1871
Pages • 8
?So, in this essay we are going to compare, and contrast two interpretation in the reader response and the historical on “The leap” by James dickey. After the readers read this poem, they aregoing to find that it contains a lot of reader responses that can discussed and could connect to the reader’s life within the poemand it also shows a lot symbols that could represent a lot of what is happening in our life and the good and the…...
AdolescenceLoveLove And MarriagePoetryReasonWorldview
World Wad One Influences on William Buttler Years Od RullingYeats
Words • 1407
Pages • 6
World Wad One Influences on William Buttler Years Od RullingYeats was an accomplished Irish poet and was known for the religious ideas he emphasized in his poetry. The political chaos propelled by the onset of the First World War created a chain of events that affected the general perception and cultural identity of the facets that were embroiled in it. Ireland presents an ideal setting for the representation of multiple ripples created by war and the literary arts that emerged…...
How piano is related to PianoThe Piano written by
Words • 498
Pages • 2
How piano is related to “Piano”The “Piano” written by D.H.Lawrence describes a situation of his childhood memory, shows the yearning for his best time in his life and pain of growing. As a word with many meanings in the whole poem, the “piano” connect closely the poem. Therefore, the setting “piano” in the poem is the significant to the overall theme of the poem.The poem begins with the man heard a woman who is playing the piano and soft singing,…...
The Importance of Being Earnest Ideas Analysis
Words • 2032
Pages • 9
TERM PAPER Top Sheet •Name : Binasree Ghosh •Class Roll No. : 28 •Semester : 2nd •Course : 204. 19th Century Studies III •Topic : The Importance of Being Earnest Hinges on the Inversion of Victorian Order of Things. The Importance of Being Earnest Hinges on the Inversion of Victorian Order of Things In his critique of Wilde, Foster argues that the play creates a world where "real values are inverted [and], reason and unreason are interchanged" (Foster, 112-114). Nineteenth-century…...
Oscar WildeSatireThe Importance Of Being Earnest
ScriptIntro Welcome to Saxon Cook’s vodcast today NESA has funded
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
ScriptIntroWelcome to Saxon Cook’s vodcast, today, NESA has funded me to host an educational video for all HSC students to understand some of Kenneth Slessor’s poems. Throughout this video, i will critically analyse TWO Slessor poems and ONE chosen related text. Hopefully, this will uncover any hidden messages or meanings that may challenge the readers opinions about the world. Let’s get into it :)Paragraph 1(Poem 1 Out of time)Out of time, written in 1938 was one of Kenneth Slessor's last…...
The future is an unknown figure of time that can be scary
Words • 1165
Pages • 5
The future is an unknown figure of time that can be scary to think about. Both the movie, Minority Report and the book, 1984 give vivid predictions about the future and give a different perspective of the future in multiple ways. George Orwell’s 1984 is a novel based on a dystopian life style with a totalitarian government centered on war and hatred. Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report is a movie based on future time (2052) with a system which predicts future…...
CrimeDystopiaGeorge OrwellGun ControlGun Control LawsPolitics
Resist your fear fear will never lead to a positive end Go
Words • 1983
Pages • 8
Resist your fear; fear will never lead to a positive end. Go for your faith and what you believe (T.D.Jakes). The fear is permanently one of the main factors which are keeping people from changing their lives. They may know their intentions but are not willing to take all the risks to make them true. The theme of the change disquiets the society for numerous years, including the novel, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, where the dystopian world splinted into people…...
DystopiaEmotionFahrenheit 451Fear
Extended Essay- First draft
Words • 973
Pages • 4
How do references to classic works of literature help shape the narrative structure and character development in "The English Teacher"?The English Teacher by Lily King is a story fuelled by the traumatic event occurred in our main character’s life- Vida, who is an English teacher at Fayer Academy, and it’s sub-conscious influence on her relationship dynamics and manner including familiar, romantic, motherly and social relationships whilst suffused with an intriguing domestic drama.This story begins in October 1979 where Vida and…...
English LanguageLoveNovelTaoism
Critique Writing and close reading
Words • 1028
Pages • 5
Critique WritingandClose ReadingSubmitted by:Jewell O. Pacomio11 – STEMSubmitted to:Ms. Marijoe J. Serrano21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the WorldClose Reading Poem: Words by Angela Manalang GloriaAngela Manalang Gloria is known for her works that are centered in the point of view of women since she was a feminist back then. She published a book named “Poems” in 1940, which contains more than 100 poems written on it. Some of her famous poems are Soledad, Revolt from Hymen, Querida, To…...
Harryette Mullen is the author of several poetry collections winner
Words • 531
Pages • 3
Harryette Mullen is the author of several poetry collections, winner of a PEN Beyond Margins Award, National Book Critics Circle Award, and a finalist for a National Book Award. She teaches American Poetry, African American Literature, and Creative Writing at UCLA.Harryette Mullen writes "We Are not Responsible" in the language used by corporations, authority officials, lawyers etc. She especially writes in the legal slang used to provide disclaimers and limit responsibilities. She reveals how the language that is designed to…...
Vitai Lampada Vs. In Flanders Fields
Words • 956
Pages • 4
The definition of pro-war is to believe or convince its readers that distinct war is obligatory. “In Flanders Fields” and “Vitai Lampada” are two sorts of poetry that rather persuades its audience about how the Great War is mandatory in the essence of proceeding on to being victorious, despite being in such a deadly battlefield. Both John McCrae and Sir Henry Newbolt expresses the want of carrying on as they convey meaning onto passing down the fight, and along with…...
Luke SkeltonPorterEnglish II PreApGT 121 September 2019It’s
Words • 1518
Pages • 7
Luke SkeltonPorterEnglish II PreAp/GT- 121 September 2019“It’s Greek [Theater] to Me” Background ResearchAristotle: “Aristotle was born on the Chalcidic peninsula of Macedonia, in northern Greece. After his father’s death in 367, Aristotle migrated to Athens, where he joined the Academy of Plato (c. 428–c. 348 bce)” ("Aristotle."). “A perfect tragedy, he says, should imitate actions that excite ‘pity and fear’” (“Tragedy”). “Anagnorisis, (Greek: “recognition”), in a literary work, the startling discovery that produces a change from ignorance to knowledge. Anagnorisis…...
Ancient GreeceAristotleDramaOedipusPhilosophersPhilosophy
1 I chose Ellen Bryant Voigt’s poem My Mother
Words • 649
Pages • 3
1. I chose Ellen Bryant Voigt’s poem “My Mother” and for its comparison, I selected “Sunlight and Shadow – The Newbury Marshes”. It is an illustration by Martin Johnson Heade, who created this piece of delicate artistry from 1871 to 1875. The art is a drawing of a landscape using oil paints on a canvas, showing a plain field and marshes with horses grazing them and some hills in the distance.2. The present day has become a whole out of…...
P1 Introduction – Poems poets and theme Ever wondered about what it
Words • 1068
Pages • 5
P1 Introduction – Poems, poets and theme.Ever wondered about what it takes to write a great poem? Hi there, teachers of Brisbane School of Distance Education. Growing up is a theme that all people, young and old can relate to and understand. Growing up can teach us many life lessons and help us decide what we want to achieve in life, and the kind of attitude we will hold from then on. Growing up being something that Year 10 students…...
PoemsPoetryRhymeRobert Frost
Concrete Island
Words • 1991
Pages • 8
The folllowing sample essay on Concrete Island discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.J. G. Ballard’s Concrete Island tells the story of a wealthy architect, Robert Maitland, who is forced to survive on a manmade island in the middle of a motorway intersection following a car crash. As Groes points out in his paper, Ballard’s Concrete Island examines the social and cultural trends…...
Exercise And HealthHuman NatureNovelSpaceThought
Shakespeare Research Paper
Words • 1613
Pages • 7
This sample essay on Shakespeare Research Paper reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.Drew Ewing Mrs. Stevenson English II November 6th, 2012 Shakespeare William Shakespeare is one of the most well respected and time honored man of all time. His unique style, mysterious life and amazingly written sonnets make him the most studied and analyzed men to ever walk the planet. William Shakespeare, born in Stratford-upon-Avon, he was baptized…...
PoetrySonnetWilliam ShakespeareWriters
Cousin Kate Analysis
Words • 1744
Pages • 7
The sample paper on Cousin Kate Analysis familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.The poem ‘Cousin Kate’ is written by Christina Rossetti in the 19th century. ‘The Choosing’ was written in the 20th century by Liz Lochhead. Both poems are about two girls who are equal, and how with the interference of a man and a decision they go in different directions of life. In ‘Cousin Kate’ betrayal is the…...
Lady Lazarus Sylvia Plath
Words • 1467
Pages • 6
The sample essay on Lady Lazarus Sylvia Plath deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.Lady Lazarus Poem Analysis LADY LAZARUS, by Sylvia Plath. Review. 2012. Suicide in every culture is considered to be very taboo, seen as overtly morbid and disturbing. However, it has also made many people famous. Sylvia Plath, a twentieth-century poet, was one of them. She was a ‘straight A’…...
Lady LazarusPoetrySylvia PlathTed HughesWriters
Poem At Thirty Nine By Alice Walker
Words • 1631
Pages • 7
This essay sample essay on Poem At Thirty Nine By Alice Walker offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.Love takes up in many forms in life, and the poems ‘Refugee Mother and Child’, ‘If’ and ‘Poem at Thirty-Nine’ discusses about the relationship between parents and their child. Although they are all about love from either parents or a child, the bonds in each poem are…...
Chinua AchebeGood And EvilPoetryRudyard KiplingVirtue
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What the Dreams Foreshadow in Bless Me, Ultima 
...The dreams that Tony experiences tell the future. They give detail for the event that is going to happen in Tony’s life later. The author uses this strategy in a way to keep the reader on their toes. It allows the readers to be intrigued on whether...
Hwang Jini a famous Joseon Dynasty kisaeng artists who worked
...In order to be able to illustrate a Korean rhetorical map of knowledge meticulously and closer to reality, we need to analyze a wider and deeper range of synchronic and diachronic documents. Beside literary rhetoric, Korean rhetoric, whose studies ar...
A wolf is a wild carnivorous mammal which is the largest member
...In the “Nature” poems found in the Indian poetry anthology and the “nature” poems found in “One Eye’d Leigh” by Katherine Kilalea, we find that similarly these poems do not have a rhyme scheme. Although this is the case it is evident that the ...
How piano is related to PianoThe Piano written by
...In conclusion, just like a guide, the narrators described different scenes with things related to piano to let the reader get close to his inner world and feel his emotion changes. So, it is obviously that the “piano” in the poem is the significant...
P1 Introduction – Poems poets and theme Ever wondered about what it
...‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost and ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling, both explore different life messages around the theme of growing up. The theme that appears to be found in both poems, and the underlying advice and messages in this context would ...
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