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It has been said that Gothic Literature is the ideal genre for
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It has been said that "Gothic Literature is the ideal genre for examining the corruption of innocence."In light of this view compare and contrast the presentation of how innocence is corrupted in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the Turn of the Screw.It can be argued that gothic literature is the ideal genre for examining the corruption of innocence in Victorian society. In Henry James’ novel ‘Turn of the Screw’ the corruption of innocence is presented through…...
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Gothic Literature Edgar Allan Poe
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Forever tempting to discover the chaotic and limitless dark corners of our lives, the gothic genre came to life in the 18th century to personify this primal desire that eccentric composers craved to explore. For centuries, audiences have been captured with the confronting themes, supernatural suspense and otherworldliness that gothic texts offer. Edgar Allan Poe and Tim Burton are two passionate and dominant composers of the genre whose works remain today as eternal motivators for its continuance. Poe’s poem “The…...
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The Role of Fear and Obsession on Gothic Literature
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Gothicism itself is a branch of Romanticism, which twists the idea of feeling into slightly more morbid and macabre emotions of fear and a dead, twisted and medieval past as well as losing the early Romantic sense of a moral purpose. The quotation above, taken from Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, introduces some of the key ideas which seem to run prevalently throughout Gothic works of fiction and art. It seems undeniable that influence and obsession are…...
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