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The New Historicism Challenges the Literary Work
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Historicism is a literary theory that looks at the life of the author and the time period the text was written in. Specific details matter in this literary theory, such as the type of food they eat, the style of dress and the language used New Historicism challenges the meaning that history places upon a piece of literature. For instance, we might say that people in the Romantic Era were driven by passion or people in the Great Depression Era…...
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New Historicism in Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O’Connor
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Flannery O'Connor does an excellent job of providing binaries (structuralism!) centered on Julian's mother's beliefs (white power is good), as well as her son's beliefs (people should be equal). In O'Connor's short story, it is clear that racism is at the center of the plot line, Julian and his mother, people from two entirely different generations, argue about society Julian grows increasingly frustrated with his mother because she is from the generation when Julian's "great-grandfather was a former governor of…...
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New Historicism in Hughes’s Salvation
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As a literature students we should use some literary theories in order to analyze literary works. Literary theory enables us to analyze the theories that explain what literature does mean instead of analyzing the general concept of literature. Beside its role in investigating the relationship between the author and the text; literary theory has an important contribution in developing and revealing the significance of class distinctions, race and gender in literature. Indeed, literary theories contain approaches that lead us to…...
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