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A Comparison of Fences by August Wilson and Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz
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Realism is a mid-19th century style seeking to present an objective and an unprejudiced record of the customs, ideas, and appearances of contemporary society. They involve spontaneity, harmonious colors, and subjects from everyday life with a focus on human motive and experience. The costumes are authentic, the characters use vernacular dialogue or everyday speech and settings are often bland or deliberately ordinary. Realism is important to drama because the move towards a more authentic form, realistic plots, and characters that…...
American Realism in Art
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In terms of American realism, it had been received quite well in the United States. The subject matter present in American realism was very specific to the United States, hence why it had that name. The most well known of the American realists was Winslow Homer. Some of his well known pieces dealt with the civil war.  “Veteran in a New Field” Homer's 1865 piece titled, “Veteran in a New Field” showcased a quite simple scene with a farmer threshing grain to gather together.…...
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