A Comparative Analysis of The Interlopers by Saki and The Third Day of the Wolf by Edwin Morgan

The story The lnterlopers, is about two men fighting over a strip of land, Ulrich von Gradwitz was the owner of the land. Georg Znaeym was the intruder. For many years these two families have never gotten along. By the end of the story, both men realize the they were both fighting over petty things. They really didnt have a good reason to hate each other, So, as they were both forgive each other for the many years of hatred, they get eaten by a pack of wolves.

In the poem The Third Day of The Wolf, a wolf enters a city in Canada. The is a huge three day man-hunt for the wolf. As the wolf runs scared, confused, and lost through the city, men with torches, guns, and whistles chase him.

The wolf can smell the men and the artillery of weapons. Planes dive downward chasing the wolf toward the man»made shield of devastation. Finally, cornered, the wolf with its mad yellow eyes, and aching empty belly gets a shot from one of the hunters.

The shot didnt kill it, the wolf was then beaten. That as well didnt kill it, it was then shot once more, which was finally the moment of expiration on the wolfs life. These two ensembles of literature where alike in some ways, but then different in others. Both tales ended in sheer brutal death for the Lrespasser. The victims which were killed, were founded trapped with nowhere to go, knowing their end had come.

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Both pieces were written by a male author, which shows that there is going to be death in the sections Both were placed in the cold winter season, Though one is a poem and one is a story, both of them have the same suspense, which drives readers the press on and finish reading the story. In both pieces the victims were in an unfamiliar area, The wolf in the city, and the men in the woods. Both had a moral in their stories. The poem mentioned how man uses guns and helicopters to help make them more powerful then nature. The story made me feel that its never to late [0 start over, you’re never to hateful to forgive and be the bigger man.

While both stories explore the theme of human conflict and the natural world, they have different tones and resolutions. “The Interlopers” has a dark and ironic tone, with the characters’ reconciliation being cut short by their sudden and violent deaths. In contrast, “The Third Day of the Wolf” has a more reflective and meditative tone, with the character of Davie coming to a deeper understanding of the world around him and finding peace in nature.

In terms of resolution, “The Interlopers” has a more ambiguous ending, with the characters’ fate being left to the reader’s interpretation. “The Third Day of the Wolf,” on the other hand, has a more conclusive ending, with Davie finding acceptance and a sense of closure after his experience in the forest. In summary, both “The Interlopers” and “The Third Day of the Wolf” explore similar themes of human conflict and the natural world, but differ in their tones and resolutions. “The Interlopers” has a dark and ironic tone and an ambiguous ending, while “The Third Day of the Wolf” has a reflective tone and a more conclusive resolution.

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