Marlo Morgan's trip to Australia.

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Marlo Morgan was born in the USA . She is a doctor and is very interested in health care. Once she had the possibility to go to Australia and she decided to spend a few years with the aborigines in the outback. Today she lives in Missouri and she has got two children who supported her to write “Message from forever” & “Mutant Message Down Under” about her experience with the “Real people”, an aboriginal tripe in the desert. The topic: The message from forever outlines aboriginal philosophy and the principles of good living.

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Geoff and Beatrice are twins and have no idea who they are because they were taken away from their mother after their birth. It’s difficult for them to follow the white people’s ideas and they both have lots of problems. The plot: ……… Two Australian aboriginal twins are taken from their mother by Christian missionaries. The baby boy is sent to a sheep ranch.

There he grows up with little supervision and random affection. He enjoys watching the butterflies and the ants in the garden and he always has to entertain himself because everybody on the ranch is very busy with work.

His name is Geoff and he often climbs up a tree to watch the beautiful birds and at early age he begins two paint. At the age of five he is adopted by an American minister and is raised in the USA with little sense of who he is or of his cultural heritage.

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Geoff knows that he isn’t loved by the minister’s family because he is alone most of the time. Nevertheless, he is the best ball player at school and learning comes easily to him.

He always wins the class spelling bee, but no boy in his class admires or likes him because their parents tell them that Geoff was too dark in colour to be a friend. ! His sister (Beatrice) is brought up by nuns in an Australian orphanage where she encounters continual racism for the first years of her life. From an early age Beatrice somehow seems to know her role as peacemaker. When arguments start among the children or someone is left out and feels lonely, it is natural for her to step in to soothe, to try to bring understanding to both sides.

She is always aware of other people’s feelings, she can tell from listening to their voices, not necessarily to their words, and by paying attention to their eyes. As they become adults, Beatrice renounces her western lifestyle and joins a small group of aboriginals on a walkabout. After decades of learning about the people of the outback, she becomes a ‘runner between both worlds’ and steps into the political area to fight for the rights of aboriginal people.

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