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September 5, 2019:

Wonder woman

Thesis statement

Superheroes devote their lives to fighting crime and keeping the streets safe. They are truly remarkable beings because they always put others first and risk their lives every day to help people in trouble. Also, they usually have cool costumes, names, and personalities that children and adults around the world know and love. If you could be any superhero in the world who would you choose to be? Why would you want to be that character? What super strength does the character possess that most superheroes lacks? This question has been answered by few people and it all ended in a particular answer being Wonder Woman, of course, because she has all the strength of Superman, all the allure of a good and beautiful woman, and she is respected and admired by young girls everywhere.

as we journey down this essay, we would come to know if wonder woman truly engraves all these attributes in her personality, her deeds, and how our social community defines her.


When army pilot Steve Trevor crashes on the warriors’ secluded island paradise, disrupting the fictitious all-female sanctuary of Themyscira created by the Gods of Olympus, Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons aids for his rescue and wins the decisive right to escort him home, heading to an early 20th Century London to stop the war she believes is influenced by the God Ares. Leaving behind the only life she’s ever known and entering the cynical world of men for the first time, torn between a mission to promote peace and her own warrior upbringing, as a “Wonder Woman,” Diana must fight evil in a “war to end all wars,” while hoping to unlock the potential of a humanity she doesn’t always understand.

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The first widely recognizable female superhero is Wonder Woman, from the- American Publications, which was one of the three companies that merged to form DC Comics. Wonder Woman was presented in a way that was typical of most women in comics, although her Character portrays a strong independent heroine; the comic series still nevertheless caters to the promiscuous fantasies of young male readers. Wonder Woman is depicted in a hyper-sexualized fashion and an object of consumption for males. Recurring scenes of wonder women in skimpy outfits accentuating her melon sized breasts and small waistline emphasize the idealized female body and how it was used to draw the gazes of males in visual media.


My brother and I watched Wonder Woman, with lowered expectations given our response to the past 20-plus years of DC superhero films that we found to be cynical, gratuitously gritty, and violent. We were hoping that it would be good because we want to see a superhero movie centered on a woman (and directed by a woman!) succeed. But we weren’t hopeful, because we both hated Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman — and this has some of that same aesthetic. was surprised by my own reaction to the movie in many ways — and particularly to the action sequences on Themyscira. Watching both the training sequences (a reminder that Diana comes from an entire population of athletic women) and the initial battle sequence when the Germans come ashore, I realized that I was beginning to tear up a little bit. The same thing happened during the fight sequences on the Western Front. While Patty Jenkins’ framing of these sequences did replicate to some degree Zach Snyder’s style of filming battles, they also highlighted for me the beautiful power of the strong women — and that was something that had an overwhelming effect on me watching it.

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favour Julie FentonGlass Eng111 September 5 2019 Wonder woman
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