The Christmas and other Christmas stories by Ray Bradbury Review

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The narrowest Christmas book from the Diogenes Verlag combines four stories of an American author who groundbreaking especially through his science fiction work was world famous. He was active as a writer on a much broader spectrum, many may not be familiar. Especially his Christmas stories are anything but trite. are also those who know Ray Bradbury already, will be surprised attributed by the poetry and narrative power of the texts collected here, the three different genres.

The first and shortest story ( “The Christmas gift”) is the only one with science fiction scenario, but only insofar as it tells of a flight to Mars for Christmas 2,052th A couple with his little son is among the passengers.

Unfortunately, the baggage rules in the future are even more restrictive than that of today’s budget airlines. But the meaning of what constitutes Christmas is, fortunately, still exists.

The second story ( “The Wish”) has almost mystical character. For what the narrator wishes looking for his peace of mind in the frigid Christmas night, is a monstrosity that goes far beyond the limitations of human existence.

Also, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned,” the third story is about guilt and forgiveness and uses motifs that are scientifically factual and not so easy to explain.

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“The beggar on O’Connell Bridge,” the last and longest story suggests other strings in tone and theme.

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The narrator and his wife spend Christmas in Dublin. There they notice how many beggars populate the streets and what different ways they succeed to coax passersby a mite. Swaying the two tourists looking half in jest, half seriously between suspicion and pity, understanding and anger, forbearance and charity their way through the celebration of love, of giving, of sharing, of giving.

In addition to his own browsing (for a good hour or so), the seventy pages are well suited for reading and as a little pre-Christmas gift. For which there is less than an appetizer for the complete works of the late 2012, productive tremendously versatile and creative writer with socio-critical commitment. His world fame justified since the fifties science fiction novels ( “The Martian Chronicles” Ray Bradbury: “Die Mars-Chroniken” at

All four texts of the Diogenes publishing house had already the eighties and nineties in four short-story collections published by the author, and also the small issue itself already existed in 2008 for the first time. it is a clever recycling of extant under a common theme.

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The Christmas and other Christmas stories by Ray Bradbury Review
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