"Numbers - Facing death" of Rachel Ward

The following example essay on “Numbers – Facing death of Rachel Ward” is an analysis of a literary work. Strong feelings and experiences such as love, hope, fear of death, courage and confidence make this youth thriller with elements of science fiction.

In the summer of 2027, the world has turned into a mess. Wars rage, and floods, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters make vast tracts of land uninhabitable. Waves of migrants from all over Africa spill on the European mainland. The keg runs over long ago.

Britain has its tunnel closed. London has the greatest difficulty with the food supply and the power supply: Often people need to sit in the dark and do not require heating.

Junkies, people without subsidized housing and the poorest of the poor have occupied uninhabitable houses in verslumten neighborhoods. Technically, the city has upgraded. Cameras and video equipment, almost all streets and squares in view. Unfortunately, every citizen has not a chip under his skin, but the authorities working on it.

Then everyone can be permanently tracked via satellite. We arrived in Orwell’s visions of the future. In this police state no one can live carefree and happy.

mother Jem had her son Adam and grandma Val always warned not to go to London and voluntarily they did not leave their home behind the dike at the sea. But the sea level had risen threatening in recent years. Before they were flooded by the waters of the flood, the evacuation authorities forced them only in a boat, then get on the bus to London.

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In the transit camp Adam met many people. They stand in queues to register. Against his will – in the crowd, he can not help – watched them Adam’s eyes, and what he sees in most people, makes him greatest fear: It is the number sequence “01012028”, the date of her death anniversary, and at the same manifold cruel deaths. This visionary gift that he inherited from mother Jem, is a curse for him did he sake contact with other shunned, has become a loner and eccentric and was mobbed here by a gang on the first day of school. Why did he come here with Grandma? They will be in the middle when a disaster befalls an unprecedented scale over London. Also they have like so many others die? His own date does not know Adam.

In the art room, students should draw portraits of her counterpart. Adam is no initial partners – by a girl named Sarah puts to him. In their eyes, he sees immediately that she does not have the 28, it will therefore live for many years. But why they considered him so full of horror, full of fear? He can not know that she recognized him: He is the boy from the nightmares that plague them night after night. She screams in her sleep when she sees the boy with his burned, scarred face half of it grabs baby and ran into a burning inferno … Sarah will have nothing to do with Adam, but at the same time she feels a sense of warmth. And Adam believes he has found the girl he loves.

Sarah is brought every morning in an elegant black Mercedes to school. She comes from a rich household. But behind the facade of prosperity survived a father who abused his daughter for years. Now Sarah is 16 years old and pregnant, and she has gone to protect herself and her child in front of her tormentors. They steal money, packed a few belongings, but has no idea where they should flee. At the station she meets Meg that she takes into her home with eight other girls. You need to go buy for her pimp. Here Sarah can not stay. A new refuge offer her Vinny and his two pals, harmless drug addicts who beat Dealing with through life. With them they will give birth to her child Mia.

Adam and Sarah’s paths will cross again. Sarah realizes that her nightmare not only foresees her own fate but that of all Londoners. Both feel a responsibility to the authorities want to inform. But who will ever believe them that something terrible like a doomsday was imminent, and also are but emergency and evacuation plans in the drawers … Adam will not give up in order to warn the population, and his friend Nelson, the computer whiz, helps with the necessary know-how.

This youth book will delight everyone. Rachel Ward told so close that the reader feels in the middle are listening to it. The scenario they imagines life in a big city of the near future, has hand and foot, expects current trends up to the year 2028 – and makes us cringe … Her writing style – matching the jargon of sixteen – contributes to the credibility of the contents at.

Chapter way, Sarah and Adam move as a narrator from the events. The subjective nuances of the two perspectives add up to a convincing whole.

Experience the two young protagonists, how small and powerless they are. Compared with police, hospitals, government agencies and other institutions they have no chance – all are networked, information is passed quickly. So Adam is arrested for murder, and Mia is given to foster parents.

In addition to the two young people there’s the quirky grandmother Val. She loves her trinkets, her garden gnomes, in between is Grandpa’s urn from which they never remove would. Always something stubborn and once skeptical, you can steal her horse once it is finally convinced. She fully supports her beloved grandson and fights for his, but also for Sarah rights. For Sarah love and Behütet are are quite unprecedented, new sensations: So she had family always imagined



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"Numbers - Facing death" of Rachel Ward
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