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Fighting The Looming Migration Crisis
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Pages • 3
Unregulated migration has had a detrimental impact on the world today. There has been a widespread concern for overpopulation in refugee camps and detention centers. The absence of the intention to collaborate from certain states has led to an inability to find a proper solution. Rather than send money and supplies to support the already existing detention centers and refugee camps, organizations such the European Union, continuously build more locations. Thus, this lack of supplies and capital forced the refugee…...
Human MigrationImmigrationMigration CrisisPolitics
The Issues of Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution
Words • 361
Pages • 2
The sexual exploitation of children in America is a violation of several of the sexual rights listed by the WAS declaration of sexual rights. When a child enters the sex trade in the service of any other person, a pimp, a boyfriend, or any other adult, it is automatically a severe form of trafficking in persons. Unfortunately, these victims of trafficking are rarely treated as victims, Instead, they are treated as criminals many states have safe harbor laws that aim…...
ExploitationHuman TraffickingProstitutionSexuality
The Persistence of LGBT Inequality in Society
Words • 1555
Pages • 7
When I was a child I badly wanted to join the Girl Scouts. I envied my friends who got to wear cute skirts and collared shirts, sell cookies to win bikes, and earn badges for learning new skills I repeatedly begged my mother to let me sign up, but she refused. When I was very young she told me that the people in charge were not very nice people. I got older and she explained that the Boy Scouts and…...
DiscriminationHomosexualityHuman RightsPersistence
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The Instagram Incident and My Speech on the Fight Against Bullying
Words • 1009
Pages • 5
For some reason, I went to bed very early last night, I forgot to plug my phone in so when I woke up it was dead. I plugged it in and just left for school without it. It’s the tenth week of school of my first year of middle school and I have no friends. Something was off because when I got on the bus, everyone‘s eyes seemed to be directed at me. I decided to sit down towards the…...
The Benefits of Minimizing and Eliminating Animal Experimentation in Medical Research
Words • 1620
Pages • 7
Animal Experimentation has been a very common and natural practice since 2nd century BC, the testing and experimentation of animals has usually been able to find cures for both humans and animals. Scientists and researchers have been able to “study [various] genetic disorders” in models that share relatively high percentages of DNA with humans such as: “mouse models which [share] 94%", “chimpanzees share 987%", “zebrafish share 75-80%”, and even “bananas share 50%” (Medical Research). These models are usually able to…...
Animal TestingMedical ResearchMedicineResearch
Literary Style and Techniques of Laura Hillenbrand in the Book, Unbroken
Words • 1397
Pages • 6
Hillenbrand uses a metaphor when she refers to the B»24 bombers assigned to Louie‘s crew as “The Flying Coffin“. The comparison of the bomber, something which is supposed to be made to be as safe as possible for the crew, and a coffin, which houses dead bodies, really reinforces the unsturdy nature of the 8—24. The negative connotation associated with the bomber in order to draw this comparison emphasizes how the crew members were afraid of flying in the B-24…...
Central Asia Program – Azerbaijan
Words • 886
Pages • 4
Allow me first, to express my deepest gratitude to The George Washington University – Elliott School of International Affairs Central Asia Program (CAP) for its Central Asia – Azerbaijan Fellowship Program. I would like to apply for Central Asia – Azerbaijan Fellowship Program because I want to write about the theme “Transformation of Media in Tajikistan”. I am Akbar Vatanshoev from Tajikistan Dushanbe. Since childhood, I had a deep interest to learn foreign languages, especially English. Evidently, a good grasp…...
The Largest Impacts of the Bretton Woods Conference on the Economic Globalization and the International Economic Institutions
Words • 564
Pages • 3
Written by Manfred Steger, the chapter The Economic Dimension of Globalization initiates the topic of the current global economic order by discussing the financial conference which set globalization on its current path. The post WWII conference, known as Bretton Woods, permitted the participating nations to control their own economic and political policies with certain stipulations; granting them admission to the newly formed International Monetary Fund (IMF), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, currently known as the World Trade Organization…...
EconomyGlobalizationInternational Monetary Fund
Times Square Bombing Attempts
Words • 1547
Pages • 7
The U.S. government has had a comprehensive and steadfast plan to combat and eliminate any possible terrorist threats since it experienced a terrorist attack in 2001. The federal government has outlined measures and agencies that are responsible for thwarting any potential terror plot. This paper highlights and elucidates on the typical terror plots that have been thwarted in America since 9/11. The paper also explores various agencies that have been on the frontline to play a critical role in foiling…...
GovernmentPoliticsTerrorismTimes Square
Slavery in the United States
Words • 363
Pages • 2
While it can be argued that the United States were founded on the principles of due process, representation, and universal rights, the concept of slavery remained as one of the most visible and persistent exceptions to these values and ideals. In the United States, the issue of slavery was legal from the colonial period to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Most of the slaves in the United States were individuals who had been brought from Africa and their descendants. Currently,…...
Emancipation ProclamationSlaveryUnited States
An Analysis of the Emancipation Proclamation Signed by Abraham Lincoln
Words • 740
Pages • 3
In 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation that stated that all slaves would be thenceforth and forever free (Modern-Day Slavery). The signing of this Act was a huge turning point in America. After this, abolitionists were under the impression that this was the end of slavery particularly in America, but also with the hope that it would have a rippling affect around the world. But au contraire! According to Anti-Slavery International, more than 200 million slaves live in the…...
Abraham LincolnEmancipation ProclamationSlavery
About Time Mother Teresa
Words • 284
Pages • 2
Mahatma Gandhi was a civil rights leader who dedicated his life to making the world a better place. His quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” contains morale that I agree with Gandhi meant that he was constantly changing himself in order to make his dreams come true. He fought against the unfair rule of the British and instilled in others to do the same. Gandhi‘s quote represents that not giving up and pursuing what you…...
EthicsMother TeresaPovertyReligion
The Starlight Tears Response
Words • 934
Pages • 4
To me this story is like a fairy tale it is simple, yet interests the reader with its common ideas. In the world that Talon lives, there are the Kind beings of the Light and the Evil creatures of the Dark. This relates to the common opinion that good is represented by light and evil is represented by darkness. In the world of Light are the creatures and gods. There are separate creatures for different parts of nature, and a…...
The Death of Rachel Scott and Its Effects on People Around the World in Rachel’s Tears, a Book by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott
Words • 674
Pages • 3
In the biography, Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott describes the events that led up to Rachel Scott’s horrible death and how it affected thousands of people around the world. Narrated by her parents, this book shows that standing up for your beliefs may cost you something, but the cost (in this case) was the only choice Rachel Scott had. As a high school student, Rachel Scott struggled like any other normal teenager temptations were all around her,…...
Predictive Modeling and Big Data Analysis
Words • 1269
Pages • 6
With the inception of E-commerce and the abundance of E-commerce website, one thing is exponentially growing and that is data. This data is all about people; what they like what they don’t like and by leveraging this data letting the user know what he or she might like. Having said that, lets delve into how important is Big Data Analysis and Predictive analysis is for E Commerce. Here we will be talking about impact of Big Data Analysis and Predictive…...
BusinessData AnalysisEthicsPrivacy
The Bias in Media in Australia
Words • 1403
Pages • 6
In todays society media texts are very influential In changing or altering the listener. Viewer or readers point of View, by introducing different versions of reality. In every article the way In which an event is Viewed changes, depending on the cultural background or beliefs of the Wl‘ltel, An article can be written wrth certain words or sentences which influence the readers point of VIEW, Each event can be portrayed wrth different emphasis, some events are ignored because others are…...
Media BiasPoliticsPrejudiceRacism
The Negative Effects of Media in the United Stated
Words • 650
Pages • 3
According to a survey of 1,500 Americans, done by the Pew Research Center for the People and Press, Almost half of the surveyed thought that American media had bias, and 73% thought that American media often times did not show all sides of the Argument. Major media outlets are mainly privately owned, opening up the opportunity for their own political views, thus allowing for the possibility of politically motivated censorship and bias, The monopolization of American media and publishing industries…...
CensorshipCommunicationMedia BiasNews
Employment and Education are the Main Reasons Why People Migrate to the United States
Words • 296
Pages • 2
As we all know, America is known as the land of immigrants which means that there are people from all over the world who migrate here either permanently or for a certain interval of time. As emigrants, my family and I moved here for not only one but two reasons, due to political predicaments as well as to earn better opportunities and improve our lifestyle. In general, some people immigrate due to political dilemmas,some emigrate for better opportunities while some…...
The Negative Effects of Tattoos on a Person’s Employment Opportunities
Words • 1353
Pages • 6
Tattoos and Employment, are They Related? Should tatoos affect a person's employment? This is a very profound topic to many. Tattoos are usually known to affect one's employment because employers see them as unprofessional in the workplace, or demeaning towards themselves. Yet, it is believed that tattoos and employment should not be/are not related. Tattoos should not affect a person's employment simply because it is a form of expression of one's self, and no employer should have the ability to…...
Fear as the Most Powerful Emotions Used to Control People or Situations in Blacklist
Words • 293
Pages • 2
It is evident that Sarah Paretsky had something to say about the times she was living in and definitely showed her true feelings throughout Blacklist. Paretsky published this novel in 2003, just years after the attack on 9/11 and obviously commented on the parallels she saw between this new scare of terrorism to the red scare of the 1950s. The connection is clear between the feds' reaction to Benji, thinking he's a terrorist because he's muslim and the blacklisting of…...
Training of Healthcare Providers in the “Free Delivery Group” (FDG) and “Text Messaging Group”
Words • 1076
Pages • 5
This case focuses on children/infants aged 6-12 months as the life course phase/demographic group claiming iron deficiency as the exposure and anemia as the negative health outcome . Through the intervention of daily text message reminders aimed at warding off micronutrient deficiency and anemia during infancy, the long-term goal can be hypothesized to thwart visual and auditory system malfunctioning and other poor developmental outcomes in later growth . This aligns with the “fetal origins hypothesis” according to which adult poor…...
HealthMalnutritionPovertyText Messaging
The Various Types and Implications of Identity Theft
Words • 1050
Pages • 5
Identity theft involves the use of another person's identification, such as a credit card number. driver‘s license number, social security number, or any other personal information to commit a crime or theft without permission to do so from the owner. Identity theft is a crime that causes a lot of damage to the victims by ruining their finances and even their reputation, It also consumes money. time, and patience to resolve. According to the Federal Trade Commission (2013). identity theft…...
CrimeIdentity TheftLawPrivacy
The Costs and Challenges of Dealing with an Influx of Immigrants in Des Moines
Words • 545
Pages • 3
As the city of Des Moines is becoming more and more diverse, the main public hospital, Broadlawns Medical Center, has become a major immigrant service provider in the city. Many foreign languages are spoken by students as well as many diverse groups hang around the same areas. At least 10 percent of Des Moines' population identifies as "foreign born" and many institutions have been forced to adapt to this change, which in turn becomes more challenging as for the expenses…...
Immigration ReformPoliticsUnited States
An Examination of the Issues of Border Security in the United States, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013
Words • 1299
Pages • 6
This paper explores and serves as a reaction to The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. This legislation regarding immigration and border security has been introduced to and passed by the U.S. Senate in the year 2013. The issue of securing the United States' borders and combating the influx of illegal immigration is no easy task. However, there are bills being presented by the country's legislators that severely undermine and cripple these efforts. Conversely there are…...
GovernmentImmigration ReformPolitics
Free School Lunches and Some Schools
Words • 1224
Pages • 5
When analyzing the causes of poverty and ultimately the consequences that poverty can create on children. We need to, not only, look at all sides that cause poverty, but also how they impact the children and their ability to learn. Poverty can easily be defined as the state of being extremely poor; another definition of poverty is, when a person and or family lives below the poverty line which is the estimated minimum level of income needed to afford the…...
EducationPoliticsPovertySchool Lunches
Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction
Words • 1851
Pages • 8
Criminal psychology, also referred to as criminology, is the study of wills, thoughts, intentions and reactions of criminals and all the part takers in the criminal behavior. The study has concentrated a focus on what makes someone commit the crime, but also how they react after they commit the crime, on the run and in the courtroom. The medical side of why people commit crimes is sometimes overlooked and has factors like, if people are born to be criminals and…...
Alcohol AddictionCrimeMental DisorderViolence
Is Social Media Decreasing Our Privacy Or Increasing It
Words • 490
Pages • 2
In this era of fast-growing technology, has social media really taken over our privacy? Moreover, is social media really a private matter? Well the answer to these questions may be arguable but let me provide my insight to this topic. Well, what is privacy? Privacy is closing your curtains when getting ready for bed. Privacy is meeting your doctor behind the closed doors. While in real life, this type of privacy comes naturally, in the digital world the idea of…...
CommunicationPrivacySocial MediaTechnology
Economics and the Social Makeup of America
Words • 371
Pages • 2
Throughout 1820-1850, economic expansion had the largest impact on altering the social makeup of America. As the mid nineteenth centuw came around. America's culture and economy were forever changed. The influx of immigrants and the Transportation Revolution led to the economic expansion that changed America‘s social makeup. The sudden increase of immigrants from Ireland and Germany led to the economic growth of multiple cities. Immigrants from Ireland came to escape famine and those from Germany came to be freed from…...
EconomyImmigrationMakeupUnited States
An Analysis of Racism as Portrayed in the Media
Words • 1491
Pages • 6
"We must always be on guard against racism in any form and shape." Media sources have great power. Many people are influenced by the media and its perception of current and past events. Media's portrayal of racial stereotypes is based on location and cultural factors. Many media sources lean either on the left [democratic] or to the right [republican], but there are also reporters who take a neutral stance and appeal to both sides. Whether sources lean on the right…...
Immigration ReformPoliticsSocial Issues
An Analysis of Immigration Reforms in United States
Words • 1350
Pages • 6
United States requires an all-inclusive immigration reforms. The tough immigration climate comes despite forecasts of looming skill shortages due to demographic changes and declining interest by US students in science and engineering (West, 2011) Above a quarter of United States technology and engineering companies started between 1995 and 2005 had an immigrant born founder. The Brookings institution concludes that the United States immigration priorities and outmoded visa system discourage skilled immigrants, sand hobble the technology intensive employers who would hire…...
Immigration ReformPoliticsPublic Policy
Charles Dickens’ A Tale of a Two Cities
Words • 649
Pages • 3
Throughout history there have been many cases of the power struggle between the lower class and the upper class. Many of these cases tend to take place in the form of a revolution in which the lower class completely replaces the upper class, usually through force A very famous revolution was the French Revolution that took place during the 18th and 19th century, In the novel ATale of Two Cities, written by Charles Dickens, Dickens details the revolution itself as…...
A Tale Of Two CitiesChildFrench RevolutionViolence
The Issue of Software Copyright Infringement
Words • 1049
Pages • 5
When it comes to the word "ethics," people often think of morals or principles. Ethical theory, in general, is defined as "Relativism"; Relativism is the belief that there are no universal moral norms of right and wrong. Computers are a piece of technology that scientists have been using and advancing for the last several decades. The concept of computer ethics started from the 1940s by Norbert Wiener; during World War 2, Wiener was tasked with assisting in the development of…...
An Analysis of the Differences between the Older and Newer Generation
Words • 895
Pages • 4
The older generations, like our parents and grandparents think very differently than our generation. The reasons that we have such differences is very complicated, it includes culture, social development, social value, and more. However, between our generation and the older generations the generation gap does exist, due to the examples of parenting style and educational focus, the generation gap has become a wall that blocks interaction of a family. The older generation and newer generation, their living style, parenting style,…...
ExperienceGeneration GapThought
Court Strikes Down Ban on Gay Marriage in California, Article in NY Times
Words • 769
Pages • 4
In his article "Court Strikes Down Ban on Gay Marriage in California”, Adam Nagourney informs us that the ban on gay marriage enforced by the passing of Proposition 8 in 2008 was deemed unconstitutional by a three-judge panel by a two to one vote. The panel upheld the same decision made in 2010 by Judge Vaugn R. Walker, who has since retired from the Federal District Court of the Northern District of California. Judge Stephen R. Reinhardt stated that "Although…...
Gay MarriageHuman RightsLaw
A Personal Recount of Volunteering in St. John’s University
Words • 1501
Pages • 7
Some of the most important messages St. John's University and the Vincentian community teach are: to respect individuals, help the needy, and believe that one's help to another creates a better society and world. As a student of St. John's University, I believe that we must keep this message in mind. By following this teaching, not only the world will become better, but I will also improve my own abilities and make a better person out of myself as well.…...
A Reflection on the Junior Achievement Volunteering Experience and Working with Third Graders
Words • 483
Pages • 2
The first day I step off the bus, two things run through my head, "Will they like me?" and "Did I appropriate?" A bus full of high school students getting ready to face some of the most honest critics in the world, we were nervous. Junior Achievement was a volunteer program that I participated with through the J.R.O.T.C (Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps) program. This was my 10th grade year in high school and I was eligible to participate. I…...
A Reflection on the Development of Knowledge Through Babysitting, and Volunteering at Girls Incorporated
Words • 459
Pages • 2
During the summer I baby sat a two year old girl in my neighborhood. Taking care of a child is not an easy task, it takes a lot of patience, time, and what you can show to a child. I had to change her, feed her, get her to take naps, and taught her how to spell her name and the letters of the alphabet. This required knowledge and skills because I had to take responsibility in making sure she…...
A Personal Recount of Volunteering at the Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Words • 947
Pages • 4
I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at the Utah Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Ogden (minus the long drive) because I'm not only able to help these animals throughout their painful rehabilitation process, but the professionals up there are willing to teach you about the rehabilitation process and each species they work with on a daily basis. One of the most interesting cases I was able to work with was a baby golden eagle who had been in the rehabilitation center for over…...
The Impact of Negative Comments in Social Media on Ill Individuals
Words • 612
Pages • 3
Among the principal defects of social media is cyber bullying. A survey conducted by Slonje & Smith (2008) on cyber bullying shows an estimate of over 90% of social media users have witnessed cyber bullying. A similar studies by 'Enough is enough' - A Non-Government organization fighting for internet security showed that 33% of the users of the internet and social forums had fallen victims of cyber bullying. The cyber bullying is not limited to specific users. Those with the…...
CyberbullyingMediaSocial Media
Cooperation Between Citizens at The Beginning of Industrialization
Words • 1178
Pages • 5
No matter where a person lives, conflicts will inform what is important to the citizens, while cooperation or the lack of cooperation will tell how the country will progress. Wherever there are two people, groups, or countries debating a subject there is always room for disagreement. This is important to the process of fixing a conflict. One example of this can be seen in the 19th and early 20th century in Great Britain. During this time many economic, social, and…...
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Employment and Education are the Main Reasons Why People Migrate to the United States
...In this generation education and employment plays a vital role in having a qualitative life. Thus, employment and education opportunities is one of the major reasons why people migrate. Since, money is necessary to buy the basic requirements plus edu...
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