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Development of Social Security of Transport Mobility
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Tuteja et al., Mentioned that in the urban environment the network topology is dynamic due to the high mobility and the uneven traffic in some areas and so the street mobility is hard to estimate. They initially calculated the effect of traffic lights on vehicle distribution on streets and then calculate street mobility based on the distribution and density of vehicles in the middle area of the street. Finally they proposed a street centric protocol based on the street mobility.…...
Social Mobility
EU: Social Mobility Within Its Borders
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The European Union’s transport policy is part of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU – Title VI – Articles 90 to 100, regulating the movement of people and goods throughout the EU member states. The integrated infrastructure uses all modes of transport – road, rail, air and water. Within the EU Transportation Policy there are regulations on customs, fuel consumption, climate change, passenger rights etc. In the last three decades, the transport policy has been one of the…...
Social Mobility
Active Migration: Towards Cosmopolitics and ‘Sociology of Motion’
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Pages • 18
Comment by Danai Krokou: I felt a new title was necessary to start anew. I didn’t like the initial title I had used. Frankly speaking, it was quite dull. I prefer more abstract titles, as they allow more space for expression. I hope that this one will be acceptable for a theory-based PhD. One question here. Since the very beginning I’ve been hesitating between the terms ‘serial’ migration and ‘active’ migration. I feel that the first one sounds more ‘commercial’,…...
Social Mobility
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Social Mobility Is Difficult for the Poor
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In many societies, people accept meager wages and conditions with the idea that it is simply a stepping-stone to better things in life. Namely, “the American dream”, a common belief is that one born with nothing can work hard to gain anything, when in reality this is most often not the case. Each human is born into a household that belongs to some social class that represents their level of education, their work position, and their financial status. For people…...
Social Mobility
Reflective Report
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Social Mobility with reference to my own area of teaching. The term “Social Mobility” refers to the social standing, social position in conjunction with classes and social hierarchy. Within this reflective report I will concerned the focus on Social Mobility measured alongside education. The main hub for this report refers to “vertical mobility” – movement of individuals upwards from one level to another by joining the Armed Forces: Showing that “in-School” and “out-of-school” has an impact on the Social Mobility…...
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Racial Stacking in Football
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Pages • 15
Sport as an institution has seen many of its records and barriers shattered over its countless years of existence. For instance, sport has seen Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in Major League Baseball, and Billie Jean King defeat former champion Bobby Riggs in “The battle of the sexes”. One barrier that still exists in sports today is racial stacking and stereotyping. The social phenomenon of racial stacking and stereotyping within the institution of sport has profoundly hindered the development…...
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