The Unpredictability of the Death Penalty as a Crime Deterrent

Going into this paper I was very much in favor of the death penalty. Researching this subject has some what changed my mind. The first point that caught my attention was the cost of capital punishment, versus the cost of life imprisonment without the possibility of patrol. Also is the death penalty helping prevent or even lowering the number of homicides in this country? Also is the death penalty morally right, and what if we get the wrong person?

Many people make the assumption that capital punishment means we don not have to feel and house those prisoners, and so it is cheaper.

The fact is maintaining the death penalty is much more expensive that life in prison with out patrol. Most of the money spent on preparing for and conducting a capital murder trail. California could save ninety million dollars annually by abolishing the death penalty.

Between 1977 and 1996 California spent over one billion dollar on the death penalty, and only executed five people.

One of the men asked to me killed. In Florida the cost of an execution is between 1.6 and 3.2 million dollars. In Harris County, which includes Houston s Fire Department and ambulance services were cut to help pay fir the death penalty.

According to Edward Baumant Society should strive for something better what it is in its worst moments. Implying that killing is the worst thing in us. The death penalty has never elevated, society never brought back a live, never inspired any thing but hate. This is where I disagree with Baumant.

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The only reason I thing capital punishment is morally wrong is because it is just an easy way out for some of the bad people. But just think about the psychological torture that would be administered if we say you never going to eat a steak, look at a woman or get more than one hour a day away from your cell again.

My last point is, is the death penalty and effective deterrent? The answer is NO. The death penalty is ineffective because of how rarely and unpredictably it is implied. It is very uncertain. Executions had occurred in only about five hundredths of all the homicides committed in America in the 80 s.

Finally, what if we get the WRONG GUY! Twenty-three people are believed to have been wrongfully executed in the United States in the Twentieth century. What do we tell the families of these innocent people? Sorry about that whole us killing you husband, son, brother, mother, or sister, but he/she really looked like the killer.

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