An Opinion on the Caste System in India

A caste is the division of a society based on social classes and occupations. The caste system is the process witch they place person into different groups based on how good they were on their previous life’s. The caste system is a characteristic of Hindu religion. But, today that system is illegal because some people thought it was unfair; although, there are small villages were they still practice this. This essay will consider the reason why the caste system was unfair and what were their opinions towards this practice.

I will argue why I am in the middle of the disagreement or agreement of the caste system.

One of the reasons some Hindus agree with the Caste System is because they’ve seen so much discrimination that it has become a part of their life’s. So many people still believe that they can’t merry a person of an other class; so they merry family members. Even if they are well educated, the Hindus ideology is that what ever the previous generation did; the sons should also repeat.

Also Hindus belief in reincarnation that is when you die and you’re born again in a new body so they think if in your previous life you were a bad person, for example, killed people; you’ve mast “pay” for it having a bad life, and if you were a good person on your previous life maybe you would become a warrior or priest. Mainly the people that agree with this are the priest or the strict Hindus that belief on reincarnation and what happen in your previous life that was like a karma.

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Some Hindus disagree with the Caste System for discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping because they weren’t traded the same and mainly you didn’t had the same opportunities as the other’s, especially if you were an unteachable. There are Hindus that don’t believe in that you had to pay for your past life and that that was completely unfair because you were a complete other person that couldn’t be blame for a past life witch he doesn’t even know. Also some Hindus think they don’t have enough freedom and that the Caste System condemns you to pay for something you can’t change (past life). Having different groups can cause problems between them. That system takes a lot of control of the Hindus.

On my pinion, the caste system should turn into a democracy were people decide what castles are the only ones that have power or something like that. So because enough people fight for equality its fair to decide in group what will be the best decision. I think that people that agree with the caste system are only thinking by them selves because probably they belong to high castes and whilst less people have power is better to them. I think all the persons are equal and have the same rights so they should have the same opportunities to develop as a person.

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