The Conflict in Syria as a Result of the Uprisings of the Arab Spring

“The conflict in Syria began as an off shoot of the March 2011 Arab Spring uprisings”. Specifically, it was all said to have started, when a group of young Arabic youth in the southern city of Deraa (located in Syria) began, spray painting “anti-government” graffiti on school walls and other various public/governmental buildings. As a result of the group’s outrageous behavior, the Syrian governments wasted no time in making an example of these students, torturing many of them while they were detained.

As a result Syrians protested their government as well as the Syrian Police calling them out for part taking in numerous human right violations. In turn, the Assad regime responded by, sending in heavy police artillery in order to subdue the rebellion (protests) in Deraa yet sparking Riots and more revolts elsewhere and across Syria. By the summer of that very same year, “thousands of soldiers defected and began launching attacks against the government, causing a civil war in Syria”.

Subsequently, the fighting continues and the war carries on with the death tolls being as much as 250,000 Syrians Dead (more than a quarter of the country’s population).

Latest developments towards resolving the conflict in Syria are ongoing and still in the making. What is hopeful is the direction that the vast majority of Syrians want their government to take with up to 75% of Syrians believing that a political solution stands the best chance of ending the crisis”. Furthermore, in some shockingly good news “60% of Syrians feel the influence of Isis (Islamic State) in the country has decreased over the last six months”.

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Lastly, as reported by “ORB International (independent polling) 59% of Sunni Muslims and 68% of Alawites and Shia Muslims felt they could be reconciled in the future. With regards to the Islamic State, It should be noted that the Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIS/ISIL) once worked side by side with Osama Bin Laden yet later “Split from bin Laden’s organization and evolved to not just employ terrorist and insurgent tactics, but the more conventional ones of an organized militia”.

Furthermore, “Isis’s main goal is create a state under a Caliph in Muslim-majority lands”. Which means like the Nazi’s, they desire expansion (into Europe) and are willing to sacrifice innocent lives to do such. Furthermore,“ Isis wants all Muslims to declare allegiance to its caliphate and for the Muslim caliphate to rule all the world”. “ISIS’ ideology as a militant Sunni group is also fixated with purifying Islam, and that means eradicating Shia Muslims or expelling them from the caliphate”.

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