What I Would Do If I Had the Power to Change Something

If I had the power to change something I would change the fact that everyone only cares about what you look like. I feel as if that is a very demeaning opinion, but never the less an opinion. People just say things about you and don’t really know who you are inside. I feel bad for those going through this right now because I’ve been there Some advice I‘d give to them is don‘t lose who you are just because someone bullies you.

I can honestly say that it’s twice as hard to fight through it but it’s worth it, “You can’t stop bullying, but you can bring attention to it.”, is all I would say. We all know what it is to be hurt at one time in our lives and kids go through this everyday. Again, another thing I could say to encourage those who are bullied is that you should never change because they want you to, Never give into peer pressure.

One type of bullying is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when people bully on the internet. Unfortunately, many bullies get away with this because they can delete what they wrote on the internet.

However, a way to prevent this is immediately printing out the bullying incident the minute it occurs. Again, many kids neglect to do this. So, the bully ends up getting the upper hand claiming that the incident never happened. How can we stop bullying? Well, we can team together to bring attention to bullies, For example we can tell someone immediately after it happens if we see someone get bullied.

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If we team together think about how much bullying we could stop. Think about what this means to us. How many times has someone come to us and called us a name or hit us? People deal with this everyday and it needs to be stopped.

To exaggerate this effort I set up a facebook page, “Bullying, It’s time to shut you down,” Due to the fact that this is happening worldwide I know that people need support and this is one way they can get it. I wish I had this kind of support when I was bullied. The first time I was bullied was in first grade No one liked me I was the awkward kid because I cared about my grades and learning, In second grade I was punched and beat up by a boy. The worst part? Oh, that would be the fact that the kid who punched and hurt me was my crush. In fifth grade, I was constantly called names and picked on for everything Nothing I did was ever good enough However I’m stronger today because of all of that. In the end I figured out that those words and things that they did to me couldn’t get to me unless I let them In the beginning I chose to let it get to me, In the end I chose to conquer it.

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