Different Types of Bullying in School

A bully entails any person who is mean to someone else in any way. Types of bullying include name-calling, harassing, and even starting rumors. Bullies can fit any physical description, boy or girl, rich or poor, and can be in any place, schools, parks, and malls. Children become bullies for different reasons, but the most common one is to make themselves feel more powerful than the person they are bullying. The emotional results of bullying range from lowered self-esteem all the way to extreme depression and physically can lead to broken bones in cases of severe bullying.

Overcoming bullies can be difficult but there are some steps that can be taken to getting rid of a bully.

Fist of all it needs to be reported to an authority of some sort, such as a principal, teacher, parents, or other respected adult. If this step is not done the chances of the bullying stopping are very slim. Often times those adults who care and would help are not informed until it is too late to do anything.

In the article Danielle decided to write an article in the school paper about bullying and while she found that many other students were also being bullied her bully did not back off. If getting help from an authority does not help then in some situations the law is need and a police report can be filed to get a protective order against the bully that will require them to stay away from the person that was being bullied.

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For Danielle she feels disappointed in her school because she thought that school was supposed to be a safe place for her to be. As ministers we need to have lots of people watching out around the church for bullying that may be happening at church.

Bullying can happen anywhere including at church all the bully needs is a little time when an adult isn’t watching. If kids are bullied at school they still have to go, but if kids in our youth groups are being bullied at church they don’t have to come back and they probably won’t. This means that we need to have lots of volunteer adults that are just spread throughout the church, especially around the bathrooms, keeping an eye out for any sort of bullying so that it can be effectively stopped. Many schools have specific policies written up for what is to happen to the students who were caught bullying and I think that within a church we also need a similar policy. I don’t think that expulsion from the youth group should be the first step, but some sort of reprimand is needed. We need to be very strict in enforcing that there is not name-calling, mean jokes, rumors or unkind words spoken between or towards the students in our youth groups.

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