A Discussion on the Effects of Bullying Among Children

Bullying not just a matter of temporary hurting words, and or minimal physical damage. Bullying has long lasting mental, emotional and sometimes physical effects that can change a victim’s life. A study made on high school boys showed that about 70% of them brought weapons to school to protect themselves. Bullying has made these students believe that the school is not safe place. Bullying starts as early as kindergarten where a child could be socially isolated or left out by the “cool kids”.

These kids grow up to be more socially isolated and different. Those traits lead to bullying from the other students. Another study showed that bullies and victims both are more likely to grow up and commit crimes.

Therefore, bullying should end before it even begins, or as soon as possible. If bullying can be prevented, crime rates will go down, and overall happiness will go up. The author’s thesis in this article is that “children who bully (or are bullied) are at risk for engaging in more serious violent acts, like fighting frequently and carrying weapons.

” That is why bullying must stop as soon as it begins because the “serious violent acts” will be prevented. Bullying happens beginning in early grade school where young bullies can be “giving other children insulting nicknames, refusing to invite particular classmates to birthday parties or excluding certain children from games.” This bullying acts whether intentional or unintentional can affect the victim’s emotional well-being from this early age. Overall, the article was really enlightening, and I agreed with all the points made.

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Bullying is a huge problem, as I know from experience, and must be prevented as soon as possible, and hopefully stopped for good. When the author said that 70% of students brought weapons to school, I was shocked. I thought that a school should always be a safe zone for the students, but it turns out that some schools have kids who are afraid, and feel like they need to protect themselves. And, that idea gave me a very negative vibe. I agreed that bullying starts early, and that parents and the kids themselves, must stop it when they see it. Bullying is a continuing act, and if it is not stopped, can hurt many people emotionally and physically.

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