Bullying and Social Deviance Essay Example

Bullying and Social Deviance Essay Introduction

The subject I have chosen resonates with me personally as I have experienced it at first hand. I besides think it is a subject that many can associate excessively. I know a batch of people have either been bullied. been the bully or witnessed it themselves. I have chosen intimidation and how it is a societal aberrance.

Bullying cane be defined as the usage of power and aggression to do hurt or control another. Strong-arming itself manifest in all ages.

from kids in grade school all the manner through grownup goon. I have seen it and the effects of it. no good comes from strong-arming.

I besides know that while yes it can stem from some kind of favoritism it does non ever aim a certain race. sexual orientation or gender. Bullying has a immense spectrum ; those antecedently listed can be grounds why but so can your societal position. civilization or even the trade name of vesture you wear.

Most of these grounds are out of anyone’s manus.

people are normally born into these fortunes no 1 chooses to be a individual of colour nor do they take their gender. contrary to what some believe. I believe personally that intimidation is the worst as you are traveling through school. You are still seeking to calculate out who you are and that last thing you need is person seeking to state you that. Besides.

strong-arming today is far different because now we have the cyber kingdom to see.

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Everything from shopping to pass oning to people abroad can be done via the web and societal media unluckily plays a important function in our lives. Now with that said. you can literally be bullied from the comfort of your ain place which should be a safe zone. You can be a mark for many grounds.

organic structure image. gender and the list goes on but the inquiry is how do we halt it? How do we forestall kids from cyber intimidation? What should the penalty of this be. if any?

Bullying and Social Deviance Essay Body Paragraphs

Throughout the class we learned how different theories and positions better help us research and specify the different aberrances that people demonstrate. One of those theories that goes manus and manus with intimidation is the labeling theory and that is for obvious grounds. The labeling theory is a theory in which the regulation devising and the reactions to the regulations that are being broken ( Goode. 2011. pg.

52 ) . The manner this correlates to intimidation is fundamentally with every action there is a clear and opposite reaction. An illustration of this would be person is bullied twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out now they want to either hurt themselves to get away the torture or the victim wants retaliation. So now we have a reaction to the action which is the intimidation. Therefore it has a snow ball consequence of another aberrant behaviour because personal injury to either party is involved.

Harmonizing to the article by Douglas Vanderbilt and Marilyn Augustyn there are a overplus of effects from being bullied. Bullying is in fact a major job for kids. “There are chiseled hazard factors for intimidation that are single and societal. Beyond the immediate injury of sing strong-arming. victims are at high hazard of the ulterior physical and emotional disorders” ( Vanderbilt & A ; Augustyn.

2010 ) . There are multiple regulations that are broken when it comes to strong-arming. basic human rights are violated. and favoritism may even take topographic point among many issues. Strong-arming leaves important injury on people as stated from the article this is both physical and emotional.

The issues that can originate from this are critical and forestalling intimidation is the key. As stated in the article every bit good. there are marks of intimidation by both the bully and the victim. Acknowledging them could be immense in protecting person and possible acquiring the toughs themselves help every bit good. As we transition into the subject of intimidation and victimization the College of Family Physicians of Canada published an first-class article to reexamine the epidemiology.

designation. and direction of intimidation and victimization among people in their primary scene. This article presents a reappraisal of intimidation and associated symptoms. a tool for measuring strong-arming engagement. and an overview of intercession and direction.

“With an increased consciousness and apprehension of strong-arming as a wellness job. doctors can play an instrumental function in placing people involved in intimidation and supplying them with the support needed to develop healthy relationships” ( Lamb. Pepler. & A ; Craig. 2009 ) If we have kids that are targeted early on in life this could hold long term effects on them so it is important they get the aid needed to develop healthy relationships.

By making so we will be puting people up for success which is merely just since they were cheated from it. Although non everyone that is bullied will necessitate assist it all varies on the individual themselves and the extent of the intimidation that took topographic point. By using the labeling theory we can see how such basic regulations are broken. but what is broken is besides fixable. The job needs to be addressed in order to make that.

The following theory will be the functionalist theory. Functionalism adopts a consensus paradigm: Harmony is the regulation. and a break of that harmoniousness calls for stairss to restore peace and repose. ( Goode. 2011.

pg. 58 ) We can analyze what made the single become a bully. This could hold stemmed from a dysfunctional household life. possibly this individual saw their parent be bullied by the other. or a parent ( s ) bullies the kids.

There is a good opportunity that bullies themselves face a confusion of issues at place that cause internal hurting and choler. as a consequence they attack others. Once we have identified this disfunction and acknowledge that there is a job we can so repair it. I believe that nine times out of 10 person doesn’t wake up and go a bully. they are taught it.

Peoples are non born hating. it is something that is taught. and this peculiar wont is likely picked up at place unluckily. It has a ripple consequence. this wont is picked up at place and brought to school or the work topographic point and so on as so forth.

( Swearer. Espelage. Vaillancourt. & A ; Hymel. 2010 ) This article addresses what can be done one time intimidation has occurred which is really of import.

Strong-arming sometimes is non preventable and it can go on but the of import thing is one time it does what is done to rectify the issue. Making a safe work topographic point and acquisition environment is critical. Besides. saying in any clauses or work environment regulations that intimidation is non and will be tolerated. Peoples should experience safe when they are either at school or work.

no 1 should hold to experience uncomfortable because this atrociousness is tolerated. This besides covers how a individual is non born a bully but created. This is a erudite behaviour. it is taught to feed on the weak and defenseless because they make easy marks. It is all a portion of the theory of strong-arming.

Choose person that you know won’t put up a battle this in bend makes you experience better about yourself. superior about. If this happens in a school the kid could be threatened with detainment or even suspension. The work topographic point can hold a similar type of penalty. suspension without wage is normally adequate to halt person for being a bully.

Last. the struggle theory will assist me farther explore the issue of strong-arming. In contrast to functionalism. the struggle theory sees groups with viing and colliding interesting. “they see battles between and among classs.

sectors. groups. and categories in the society. with victors and also-rans ensuing from the result of these struggles” ( Goode. 2011 pg.

58 ) . The struggle theory is likely one of the strongest out of the three to better place this issue. With the cyber realm playing such a polar function in our day-to-day modus operandi intimidation has become basically easier to make ( Sabella. Patchin. & A ; Hinduja.

2013 ) . A individual can literally be bullied from their ain place. so where is the safe zone? Cyber intimidation is so much easier with all the societal media. Unfortunately this is the society we live in with smart phones and computing machines governing our societal life. The viing and clashing of people assailing one another is simple.

The sad portion is aliens can leap upon the intimidation bandwagon and the following thing this victim knows they have tonss of people assailing them alternatively of one. Once this happens the victim can endure enormously. Not merely are they being attacked at school or work but at place and it is distributing like wild fire. This has a immense consequence on the victim’s self-esteem and as antecedently discussed this could hold long term harmful effects on them. “Previous research on traditional intimidation among striplings has found a comparatively consistent nexus between victimization and lower self-pride.

while happening an inconsistent relationship between piquing and lower self-esteem” ( Patchin & A ; Hinduja. 2010 ) This is why it is of import to cognize what intimidation is. how to halt it and one time person has been victimized how to acquire them proper aid. Throughout this class we learned a figure of ways to place different aberrances. We learned out to categorise them and better research them by utilizing different constructs and theories.

By using the labeling. functionalist. and conflict theory I was better equipped to research intimidation and link it as a societal aberrance. Once that was established the research articles supported the thesis. Bullying is an atrocious job that causes far more harm than good and can take to many jobs down the route.

While it is an unfortunate issue it is preventable and non a lasting job. It is of import that people feel and are non victimized one time they seek aid. I know at first hand that strong-arming can make long term jobs but with the right aid and assistance it can besides be stopped. It stops with people taking base and contending for the 1s that can non contend for themselves. Again. people are non born hating and being barbarous it is taught so if they are taught to detest they can larn how to be sort. Mentions: Sabella. R. A. . Patchin. J. W. . & A ; Hinduja. S. ( 2013 ) . Cyberbullying myths and worlds. Computers in Human Behavior. 29 ( 6 ) . 2703-2711. Vanderbilt. D. ( 2010 ) . The Effects of Bullying. Pediatricss and Child Health. 315-320. Lamb. J. . Pepler. D. J. Craig. W. ( 2009 ) . Can Fam Physician. Apr 2009 ; 55 ( 4 ) : 356–360. Swearer. S. M. Espelage. D. L. . Vaillancour. T. . Hymel. S. ( 2010 ) What Can Be Done About School Bullying? . Eduational Researcher. pg 38-47 Patchin JW. Hinduja S. Cyberbullying and self-esteem. J Sch Health. 2010 ; 80: 614-621 Goode. E. ( 2011 ) . Aberrant Behavior ( 9th ed. ) . Upper Saddle River. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Inc.

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