The Increase in Comfort with Violence Among Children Due to Violent Video Games

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Recently, a student at a school in Nevada opened fire with a handgun he stole from his parents He killed one teacher and injured two students A five-year-old killed his two-year-old sister with a gun made for children. A child in Arkansas shot his father in the back in a Walmart parking lot. These children may have thought nothing would come of this because they saw it happen in a video game and there were no consequences Children are becoming more and more comfortable with violence every time they play a video game The first violent video game, Death Race, was released in 1976.

This game was the start of a major change in video games Before this game came out almost no kids were violent; violence was considered appalling. After this game came out, violence became almost average, Statistically, violence has increased since Death Race came out because children started to think it wasn’t that bad, Children are less affected by violence because they see it every day, Violence has increased since video games started coming out It is much easier to injure or kill someone once it has been simulated in a game, Even though some may say kids are getting their anger out by playing games, it cause them to think it’s alright to hurt others for fun.

A kid may shoot someone in a game, and find a gun in real life to shoot it. That kid would then wonder what it is actually like to shoot someone.

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Most kids that will shoot someone after they shot them in a game when they think real life is similar to the game. In Call of Duty, they have a map with nice, well-organized houses. When you go inside the houses there are dummies that look like a mom and a dad Once you find the dummies you can shoot them until they fall over. This causes children to virtually shoot their parents making them think it’s normali Kids can easily begin thinking shooting is okay once they have done it in a virtual game. There are many games that contain violence; these games encourage kids to shoot people Battlefield is all about war, in it one may simply go around shooting others. There is a chat system with microphones, and one can talk to their teammates about killing others, In Grand Theft Auto one receives extra points when killing a civilian. For entertainment people will stab hookers, or shoot policeman.

This game encourages reckless driving, random killing, and bad habits such as drugs. In Assassins Creed the whole point of the game is to assassinate peoples Assassins Creed even gives the players clever ways to kill people such as jumping off a rooftop and stabbing them in the head, or creating a knife the comes out of their wrist. When one is chased by guards in Assassins Creed, they simply kill the guards with a sword. All three of these games portray different types of violence that may be influencing the violence of children Violent video games are definitely increasing the severity of the violence in children They influence bad behavior and can even make kids kill others These games are a serious problem within the human race, and they should be more closely monitored by parents Video games such as Battlefield are not made for children and should not be played by children, Kids do not have the brain capacity to realize that video games are fake, and nothing like real life. Video games are making people kill off the futures

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