The Association of Video Games with the Rise of Violent Behaviors Among Adolescents and Youthful Grown-Ups

There are many divided opinions on whether video games make adolescents and youthful grown-ups more forceful, The exploration argues that the diversions themselves don’t make individuals more savage, however, could, in any case, be related to other hazard factors that prompt animosity. Since computer games are ending up increasingly prominent among adults and teenagers, talks about their conceivably dangerous mental effect can be heard even more regularly The guardians are blaming video games of deviations in their youngsters’ conduct, Numerous teachers and scholastics share this feeling and express similar concerns.

The association amongst entertainments and good living, in any case, is not so straightforward, and most assessments are essentially excessively troublesome, making it impossible to legitimize by any hard proof. Computer games are to be sure exceptionally famous among adolescents and youthful grown»upsr With the rise in youth savagery in the news, some ponder whether these diversions assume a part or not in teenagers who embrace forceful and brutal conduct.

Computer games are undoubtedly exceptionally mainstream with adolescents and youthful grown-ups. With the apparent increase in youth viciousness in the news, some ponder whether these diversions assume a part of young people who embrace forceful and fierce conduct, For a long time, we know the great problem that exists within society, about the way in which video games influence the lives of children and adolescents. Thanks to this investigation we give an idea of the consequences and damages that they cause in the behavior of both. Video games have mainly been created to help the human being to distract from routine or stress, etc.

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However, the more growth this great idea had, the more it deviated from its main purpose, which was to make the way of life more enjoyable. So we can say that the deviation that took, was alluding to violence, sex, poor social skills, lack of time for family, work and studies.

Currently, many children and young people have a big problem with technology, an addiction for it and a difficult leisure to avoid, where their world and way of seeing things is that they seem to idolize technological devices These types of technological tools have turned young people not to be prepared for life both mentally and physically With much excessive use can see problems in the spine, muscle and spinal contractures, this is caused because adolescents spend many hours a day typing on the computer, send hundreds of messages by cell phone, spend hours with headphones and so on. Another problem very common in young people due to the excessive use of electronic devices is the loss of sight,Velez (451), discovered that adolescents use technology to maintain relationships to establish new ones. How difficult it is for the young person to make a connection or have a relationship because of technology. Another way that technology affects young people is that the teenagers no longer use the brain to read. Gunter (243) has warned about the excessive use of computers and video games, as they cause new diseases such as injuries to the tendons, hands, feet and brain disorders.

They noted that between 40 and 60% of users of video games, mainly children, and adolescents, have suffered this type of injury that begins on the thumb and can cause complete paralysis of the hand by the use of the mouse, According to Gunter (244), there are 15 million users of video games and that the sale in 2006 of consoles and accessories amounted to 70 million dollars. Gunter (247), mentioned that the main users are young people between 19 and 35 years old, of whom 30% are women. The specialist explained that the use of video games and mice causes acute or chronic tendinitis to at least one million children and adults in the country. He specified that the new disease is estimated to be presented by one percent of children and 10% of adults For its part, Markey (405) indicated that the injury is caused by the repetitive effott of prolonged use of computer and video games. He stressed that the most serious is that it also causes obesity in children, adolescents, and adults, which is a serious health problem in the country.

In the case of minors, recommended the monitoring of parents to determine the time in which these devices are used, and if it is necessary to use prolonged breaks are set from 10 to 15 minutes per hour. He stressed that it is very important to correct postures and perform physical activity, such as shoulder, neck, hands, and fingers, in addition to walking and combining sports such as athletics and swimming, In addition, Gee (154) argued that the demand for care for this disease in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit is 3,432 patients per year, representing 38% of the total number of consultations of that unit in the Northern Region. He specified that 3,000 patients each year received laser treatment and highlighted the effectiveness of this therapy, since it resolves these pathologies in a term of two weeks and not eight, as it usually takes these lesions to heal, Video games have been installed in our society and, today, are listed as the first leisure option and every day, with a greater distance to film or music, 790 million euros is the turnover that they generate and, what this reflects, in addition to the excellent economic health of the companies, is the repercussion of this phenomenon and the devotion of its followers, Video games are a social reality, and in this sense, any aspect related to or related to this issue becomes a media value of great impact.

Furthermore, the very interactive nature of video games often prevents the creation of complex narratives and deep characters, so they are often less emotionally enveloping than other media The player usually cares more about the mechanics of the game (survive and advance) than about the narrative or characters of the game. Hence, some research has been considered by the media to be less efficient than film, television or literature regarding the transmission of values (positive or negative), but perhaps more powerful for other types of learning as intellectual skills in probability, problem solving, etci As has been said, video games have been the object of criticism from numerous media, based more on sensationalism and ignorance than on informational objectivity. At the same time, the research carried out by Chatfield (36), has made it possible to demystify many of the topics and prejudices that circulate videogames and their players. However, the results of these investigations, which demonstrate that video games either are not so harmful or are responsible for listing their honorable benefits, have not crossed the frontiers of specialized journals for psychology and education professionals The result is the existence of a popular idea about video games and their players loaded with prejudices and fears.

Also they are mostly based on some media that usually develop their opinions from personal experiences, facts Isolated or anecdotal observations lacking scientific rigor and which, when dealing with a scientific topic, generalize or exceed the limits of this study with excessive frequency. A video game can influence a person depending on the values or principles that are instilled in the home, thus allowing the use of these tools, to be entirely sure of their behavior inside and outside their homes, and therefore to be able to differentiate what is good and what is wrong. In conclusion, video games, however influential they may have, will never have the sustained and consistent influence of the family environment, social environment, or school institution the influence of direct interaction with people of flesh and bone in situations Real. An example of appropriate behavior, much more influential than video games, would be that parents and adults around the children do not applaud aggressive behavior, or show excessive enthusiasm for characters of violent behavior that appear in both movies and real life. Another recommendation would be for parents to check, weigh and review, the age recommendations when choosing films or video games for their children.

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