Video Games and How They Affect the Children to Become Violent

This semester 1 would like to pursue the topic of Video games and how they affect the children that play them. There are stories in the news about the massive school shootings and the theories about why the children decided to take dangerous matters into their own hands it’s a scary subject to think about because no one knows exactly what really goes through a child’s mind, The question in play is this: Do videogames contribute to Violent behavior in children? So, is it the “games well-known for their use of guns, brutality and gore” (Bond) that make kids violent, or something else? Certain videogames do have a reputation for being more violent than others Grand Theft Auto is a vastly popular videogame series that deals with shooting people and, what the title is named for, grand theft auto I am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox One and it can be very violent and you can pick up some bad behaviors if you take the game literallyi As a joke, my friends and I who play it point out armored vehicles and ask where our sticky bombs are.

What kids don’t realize when the play Grand Theft Auto is that the “criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a car” (“Motor Vehicle Theft“) is a felony and people can be sentencedjail time if accusedt Videogames can be played and joked about, but should never be carried out outside of the controller.

The last big school was the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colorado in 1999‘ in the shooting, 12 students and one teacher were killed by two 18 year old boys Recently, there have been an increase of school shootings all over the United States.

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Some of the shootings were by adults, but many were done by children too Some people‘s theories revolve around videogames and the violent nature that is shown to the kids. 97% of kids in the US that are between ages 12 and 17 play videogames That means that 97% of US kids are susceptible to the influence of the violence of videogames Kids learn by seeing and hearing, so if parents put them in front of Violent videogames for hours, then they’d probably pick up a thing or two.

Writing about this subject would interest a range of audiences from parents to the government. Parents would want to know what their kids are playing and being exposed to, The government would also be a good audience because of their investigations about the school shootings. To continue the research of the effects of violent videogames on kids I would have to answer a few questions Which videogames have the most effects on kids? What was the motivations behind the school shootings? Why do kids enjoy the videogarnes that they play? What are the rating on videogames & do the rating effect what parents give their kids to play? Should the ratings effect parents’ decisions? Should we be worried about the safety of other students around the kids showing more violent nature because of what they play?

Do kids have a fully developed opinion on what’s right or wrong yet? At what age do kids usually get that opinion? This topic can be arguable from different standpoints and by different people. Children could argue by saying that they saw it on the videogame and wanted to try what they saw in the game, Parents could argue both sides saying that they had seen an increase of violent behavior in their kids after they played the games, or that their kids where taught right from wrong and the videogames should have no effect of them Teachers of kids could speak about what the influence on their more troublesome students and what it’s believed to be.

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