Why Violent Video Games are Good

Have you ever played a violent video game? Have you ever thought you wanted to kill something because you played a violent video game? This topic on whether violent video games are good or bad has been going on for a while now. Still, with this long accruing topic nobody has figured it out. But today I have some evidence on why I think it is okay to play these violent games for fun without it causing people to bring violence to the real world.

Just because someone would play a game with violence doesn’t make a person violent. This was proven by a study at the University of York. They had a social experiment with more than 3000 participants. It was proven that there was no change in anyone’s aggression maybe their behavior had changed a bit but nothing to do with aggression so that anyone who participated in the experiment didn’t have the feeling of being violent.

So with that, how would people become violent if their aggression levels didn’t rise? Guess what it just doesn’t happen bud.

In the month of August 2019, there was a mass shooting with 31 people killed and over a dozen wounded. The only thing the government had to blame was video games. Trump tried to blame it on video games. Saying how it is because of the gore and violence in the game that people are killing people. But when you think about it, video games don’t kill people, people kill people.

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After Trump’s speech on Twitter, a hashtag went viral, #VideoGamesAreNotToBlame. Even though Trump and many politicians think that video game violence is the reason for mass shooting but this is very untrue. My reasoning is that most of these video games are developed created and played in Japan and South Korea. Japan and South Korea have a big involvement in video games. They have video game competitions and most play.

But yet in South Korea and Japan have very low occurrences of mass shootings because of there gun rules. I’m not saying that the United States should have stricter gun handling rules but obviously it isn’t videogames fault for violence and shootings. Also in February 2018 Trump also made another comment when there was a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. He said that the level of violence in video games are making a big impact on the young people’s mind but yet with this, he has no proof to back himself up. So why should video games be blamed for people making stupid decisions because quite frankly people make decisions, not video games?

According to Sciencenewsforstudents.org, It was found that 90 percent of teens play video games. It is most likely for a boy to play than girls. But with that violent video games have become a concern for parents as well. But in the end, there is nothing to worry about. Scientists have done studies and yes video games could have lasting effects on the brain but nothing in a violent way. So it has been proven in many ways that violent video games aren’t the cause for violence.

Personally I enjoy playing violent video games as well. I have played these games since a young age. I don’t think they have impacted me at all. I have never got violent with anyone or anything because of a game. Yes, these games can get intense and it causes adrenaline to rise but never in a way where I have wanted to hurt anyone or anything. So even from personal experience, I don’t think it is true that violent video games cause people to get violent. So in conclusion, I don’t think that violent video games cause violence. After researching and looking at test results it is proven that video games don’t cause world violence.

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 Why Violent Video Games are Good
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