Feelings of Aggression from Violent Video Games

On July 2016, an 18 year old boy from Germany shot and killed nine people, due to thoughts and feelings of aggression from violent video games. Video games are one of the worlds most dangerous weapons if given to young kids and adults. Violent video games are played by nearly 67% of people in the United States. This shows that video games are an important part of many kids’s lives. The real question is; do violent video games cause people to become violent?

My answer to that is yes, they do.

There have been many reports in the United States about crimes done due to acts of aggression seen in video games. One very common video game throughout these crimes was Grand Theft Auto. In New York City, a teenager and a couple of his friends went around with baseball bats smashing in car windows and hitting civilians. When asked why they did this, they said that they got the idea from GTA.

Violent video games cause violent thoughts. The reason for this is because young kids and adults become more addicted to what they see on the screen and it sticks with them until they get rid of these thoughts. These people then turn the thoughts into actions, causing death and injury.

According to a website called psychology today, “violent games can actually increase violent behavior from 13 to 20%”(Vitelli). This increase of 7% violent behavior can be seen from an event in 2007 when Daniel Petric, a 17 year old from Ohio, turned his gaming addiction into a crime.

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According to CBS News, Daniel Petric was addicted to various violent games such as Halo 3. His parents took away his Halo 3 game, and Daniel shot and killed his mother and wounded his father. As seen in this event, violent video games have a major impact on a young adults mind. Many people think that video games have no impact on a child’s thoughts and aggressions. Even a website that states violent video games don’t cause violet behavior “Numerous studies have found no connection between playing video games and actual expressions with violence”(Conditt. However, there have been many criminal acts due to violent behavior from video games.

One example could be when in 2011 a young man from Norway killed 68 civilians and bombed another 8 at a nearby office building. When this young man was asked for his motives, he said that it was from a game called Call of Duty where he used it as a training simulator. One of the best solution to help reduce violent video game purchases and gaming, is parental controls. Pretty much every console and device nowadays has parental controls. With this on, parents are able to limit what their children buy on their devices which the child than has to ask the parent.

Another great solution that both Apple and Playstation provides, is screen time/timer. With this Parents can monitor what their kids are playing, as well as set a timer for how long their kids can spend on certain apps and games until those apps and games shut down. In 2007, a young boy named Devin was sent to jail because of a game called Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Devin was on the street, when he pulled a gun on an officer, and killed him. Devin then went on to kill two more police men, before other cops were able to handle him. After Devin’s arrest , he stated he was a fan of GTA and that “life was like a game” “sometimes you have to die”.

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Feelings of Aggression from Violent Video Games
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