Michael Nuccitelli Cybercriminal Thought

“Cyberspace allows our darkest fantasies to be fueled by the like minded. Once validated they are one step closer to becoming reality.” -Michael Nuccitelli, The Mind of a Cyber Criminal. Technology is everywhere. You see it wherever you go when you got out to eat, drive down the road, go to the doctors; in fact it would be much easier to name places where it cannot be seen. Its true that technology has helped make huge advances to our world today, but with all of that is there a downside? The internet can be a really dangerous place if you do not use it smartly and/or safely.

Cyber Crime can be defined as a crime committed using computers or the internet (“Cybercrime”). The statistics show that in the age group twelve to fourteen 88% of them is using the internet, out of those teens online 90% have social media. The percentage is increasing rapidly, so the percentage of teens using the internet today is much higher than it would have been five years ago.

Based on statistics the rates of teens on the internet will increase more each year. This can raise concern because teens are vulnerable online and believe most of what they see which can put them in danger of the crimes committed online. There are many different types of cyber crimes some are identity theft, cyber stalking, child pornography, and unauthorized access. Yes, these can be done in person but it would be so much harder to do so rather than using the internet.

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The victim also would most likely be more oblivious to the crime online. There is three categories of cybercrime which is crimes in which a computer is the target of offense, crimes in which a computer is used as a tool in committing the offense and crimes in which a computer plays an incidental role in the commission of offense. One question that is typically asked is whether or not cyberbullying is a crime.

In some states there has been a law passed to be protected from cyberbullying, but in most places there’s no consequence. Cyberbullying is the use of email, websites, instant messages, chat rooms, text messages, and cameras to antagonize and intimidate others (NY Gov). Cyberbullying happens all of the time and is a form of harassment. 85% of middle school children has reported being cyberbullied at least once which is horrible. Most cyberbullying is done by peers so if the victim and the bully go to the same school the bully could face suspension and/or cut out of sports and extra after school activities. The only time there is usually action against cyberbullying is when it occurs in schools if reported, other than that it is pretty much ignored. The bullying gets to the point where the victims feel horrible about themselves and may want to harm themselves. Cyberbullying will probably never end but we’re hoping the rates will go down.

One of the more serious internet crimes is identity theft. Identity theft is a theft that uses a person’s personal information to commit crimes such as fraud. The statistics are frightening the consumer averagely loses over $2,400 in identity theft and that’s not including the damage it does to your credit, also in 2005 almost 50 people lost over one million dollars due to the theft. Some do this to make purchases, online accounts, and more. People making fake accounts of someone else is very common these days and can also be considered under cyberbullying. Identity theft has been happening forever, but with the new technology it makes it extremely easy for the theft to take someone’s identity. There’s many ways one can take your identity they can use your nine digit social security number, driver’s licence, date of birth when paired with other crucial information and passwords.

If the theft knows your online passwords they can take anything you have stored electronically including your online bank account. Another way that can be rising is by using your driver’s license, without thinking many teens most pictures of their new drivers license which can lead to identity theft. To avoid having to deal with this issue you can just be more careful with your information. Do not trust websites with your information as example your social security number, make a strong password, and do not post pictures of items with your information like your driver’s license. There are some punishment to those who commit crimes through the internet. EU lawmakers agreed to toughen the penalties in 2013 . The Eu has decided that the criminals should be sentenced for at least two year in prison due to attempting to illegally access information systems. The punishment for gaining access to a website can be imprisoned and fined at least $50,000.

Also, someone caught invading someone else’s privacy jailed six months and fined $150,000-300,000 . Although there’s some penalties for committing a cyber crime there should be more.With the technology we have these days there are many advances, but we need to watch out for the very serious cons. The internet can be a very dangerous place if we’re not careful, so when online we have to be smart and protect ourselves. Cybercrime is a huge issue that is barely known and that should change cybercrime needs to be more talked about now more than ever. These days the rates of cyber crime is increasing due to all the new technology that has came out in the last ten years. Millennials basically have their phones attached to them in which this problem can affect them greatly. In conclusion we’re aware to watch out for crimes around us, but we need to be careful with the ones that can happen with a few clicks on the keyboard.

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