Have You Ever Thought About Joining a Gang

Maybe you think it would be fun or exciting to roll with a gang, contrary to popular belief gangs aren’t always thrilling and interesting as TV shows and movies make them seem. Most of the gang life is broke boredom and is something you don’t want to be a part of. AF- Joining a gang can put your life in jeopardy. Being in a gang can lead to terrible life choices. Joining a gang can make you inclined towards trying drugs and alcohol which can lead to other problems in itself.

Gang involvement can lead to injury, death, and jail time. Most of the violence such as homicide and other crimes committed by gang members are directed toward other gang members.

The things that gangs say about how it’s like a “family” and how you’ll feel “protected” is false. They’re most likely going to use you as a slave to carry out crimes.DS- Gangs are the leading cause of deaths around the U.

S. Many teens are killed or incarcerated while participating in gang related activities. Joining a gang can be a matter of kill or be killed. It is easy to be caught in the crossfire in a gang shootout. One gang in 1994 were charged with 80 murders alone. Gangs often have rival gangs and if you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, a rival gang may kill you on the spot just for being a member of their rival gang.

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Many gang members steal and jump people, so they can have enough money to afford their next meal or dose of drugs, drug vending doesn’t always pay as much as you think, especially when you get busted. Sometimes gang members accidentally jump a member of a different gang and cause a gang war that results in many deaths and injuries, property damage too.

And just to imagine that these numbers are rising by the day. Gangs are getting more and more popularity, which is causing more people to join. Currently, there are 1.4 million gangs around the U.S alone, and those numbers are going to keep rising.AF- Gang life is extremely dangerous and can flip your life upside down. Many kids who make the terrible decision of joining a gang are often unhappy because they lose their ability to make choices on their own. Gang involvement can cause grades to slip and lower your performance in school. Gangs also recruit members at younger ages now, targeting kids as young as 8 or 9, which gives an idea on how young some of these kids are. Some kids are even born into gangs if their parents are or used to be members.

Gang involvement is a lifelong thing, where trying to leave can lead to punishment. Gang initiation is something you should never consider joking around with or doing in the first place. Some gang initiations include doing illegal things and potentially dangerous things too, these things can lead you to be locked up behind bars, possibly for life.DS- There are some things that you can do to avoid gang involvement and temptation. You can stay busy and involve yourself in positive after school activities like sports and theater or just fun activities like going to the mall. Don’t follow the crowd; don’t do what others are doing because they think it’s cool, do your thing and enjoy the things you like, you should not fall victim to peer pressure. You should most definitely prioritize school, being educated not only helps with your future and your job, but education informs you of the bad things gang involvement and gang life can bring.AF- Joining a gang can be one of the worst decisions you can make as an adolescent. It can ruin your life completely and can be fatal, can cause you to be unemployed and go broke, could get you kicked out of school and leave you without a full education, and leave you without making decisions for yourself and make you lose control of your life.

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