My life flashed right in front of my eyes and I thought

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My life flashed right in front of my eyes and I thought there was no hope left. It was a cold December evening. The trees were completely covered with white snow all over them. I was with my good friend Broc, who was also my neighbor at the time. At the time I was twelve and he was eleven years old, so it was a while back. Furthermore, we both liked to explore the woods that are behind our houses for fun.

This was our very first time exploring the woods during the winter and we had no idea what to expect at all. While we were both adventurings throughout the woods my friend pointed out that the tiny pond that was toward the back of the woods had ice frozen over the top. This is when I came up with the bad idea that almost took my life.

Therefore, the idea that I came up with was to try to walk to the very middle of the pond without the ice breaking.

When I first told my friend about that idea he was very hesitant about saying that he wanted to do it, but eventually, he was down for the idea. In addition, we decided to do it together. As we started walking out to the middle we were both scared of it breaking so we started by going very slowly. The ice was not budging at all we thought we were going to be completely fine, so we just kept taking step by step making it out the very middle.

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Once we finally got to the middle after a couple of minutes I came up with another terrible idea.

Furthermore, The idea that I decided on doing was to get a stick and throw it as high as I can above me where it lands back down right next to me. In addition, we had to find a stick that was strong enough to actually pull this off. This is when I spotted a stick from across the pond. I then told my friend to go retrieve the stick and he just slowly walked over there while on the ice. When my friend got the stick I asked for him to throw it to me so he did and it slid on the ice for about 5 feet. I then grabbed the stick and proceeded to throw the stick up. Every single time I through up the stick it was doing nothing to the ice. When I saw nothing was happening I started to get bored again so I came up with the worst idea of them all.

My next plan was to grab the stick and stab it right into the ice right underneath me as hard as I could, so I did. Initially, I began by trying to do it with one hand and it wasn’t working so after about three tries with one hand I switched to two. My first try with two hands the stick instantly went through the ice. For about the first two second nothing happened at all, and I just remember my friend and I just looked at each other super confused like. Meanwhile, I then looked back at the ice and I see a wave from underneath the ice heading straight toward where I was standing. I remember thinking that it was very weird that there was a wave underneath the ice because I’ve never seen anything like that before. Unfortunately, when the wave or whatever it was reached me I instantly emerged underneath of the ice.

As I surpassed the ice, I initially thought that I was going to die. Right, when I got into the ice my friend instantly ran off of the ice to the land. Thankfully, the pond was only four feet deep so I could still reach the bottom of the pond. My friend then began to cry because he was worried about me. I then proceeded to try to jump back up on the ice so I could get out of the pond, but every single time I tried to jump up the ice kept breaking. Furthermore, when the ice kept breaking I thought I would never get out of the water. I started to get very cold and thought I getting hyperthermia. Eventually, after about ten tries I made it back up onto the ice. I remember being so joyful when I made it back onto the ice. Then I ran straight back to where my friend was. When I got to my friend I was so soaked and cold that I had to take off my shirt even though it was super cold outside. We then both started to head back to our houses. After a few minutes, we both arrived back home and we both promised never to tell each other’s parents about this experience ever. This was by far the scariest near-death experience I have ever had to this day.

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My life flashed right in front of my eyes and I thought
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