The Pain Felt by People Who Were Victims of Bullying

It is every child’s fear to be bullied, but when the time comes, taking it all in isn’t an option. Teenagers go through the worst type of bullying nowadays. Pain only makes you stronger. Victims of bullying need to gently “swallow all their fear” and fight back. Bullies have many flaws which cause them to want to hurt others because they are jealous of the things they don’t have. The pain bullies cause are out of hand, most victims are unable to fight back, unable to make a stand.

Most of the time victims get bullied even more trying to fight back. Bullying steals every bit of happiness and hope from you. But “stronger from every scar” means that even with all the pain and suffering, there is still hope. All three songs are about being daring and bold, taking a stand, and never giving up. The first song I chose is called The Outcast by Glee. This song is saying that nothing can knock you down.

Whatever does is just an obstacle in life, once you overcome it, weights will be lifted off your shoulders, and you will be able to stand strong on your own.

The second song is Brave by Sara Bareilles. The message in this song is to say your feelings. Its saying that you can sit around and endure pain, or you can do what your heart tells you, step up, defend yourself, do what you want to do. The third song is Paradise by Vanessa Carlton.

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The message given is that the intensity of the pain doesn’t matter. What matters is how you will deal with it. Everything you went through, sacrificed, loved is the one reason you should never give up, they are all reasons to strive for the rest of your life. These songs are ordered this way because first if you believe in yourself, nothing can knock you down. Second, step up for yourself and do what your heart tells you. Thirdly, everything happens for a reason, that doesn’t mean life is meaningless. Each song’s special meaning can be seen as an inspiration for anyone suffering. Everything has a reason for its occurrence.

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